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Star gazing Eid plans

Joya Ahsan
I plan to spend Eid in Dhaka. It is always a joyous occasion for me. I only dress up as much as needed to give adda a festive look. However, this Eid is very different and sorrowful for me. I lost my father this year and this will be the first Eid without him. His memories will surely flood me on Eid day. If he were alive, he would’ve given me his blessings on Eid. Maybe he will bless me from afar this year.
I’ll spend Eid with my mother and sister. If I am invited to someone’s house, I would opt for a sari. Only a little makeup will do, as I never overdo it. A variety of dishes will be cooked at our house that we all enjoy together. If I get some time to myself, I’ll lie down and read a book. I’ll also try to see my TV plays as well as those of others.
Zahid Hasan
I’ll spend my Eid vacation both in Dhaka and Sirajganj. As every year, I’ll visit my village home in Sirajganj. It’s also possible that I’ll offer my Eid prayers in Sirajganj; or else I’ll visit there a day after Eid. I want to enjoy the few festive days. When I was young, it was fun to receive ‘Salami’ from my elders. Now that the role has changed, I enjoy giving ‘Salami’ to the young ones.
I don’t usually get leisure time during Eid. When I’m in Sirajganj, I always have visitors. I spend most of my time chatting with them and enjoying scrumptious food together. Being able to relax, free from anxiety is a very special feeling. I don’t usually read books or listen to music during the Eid break. Every Eid, I have some of my TV plays that I watch with my family. I will pray with all my heart during Eid for the welfare of street children and the destitute.
I’m staying in Dhaka during the Eid holidays. Most of my leisure time will be spent with my mother, sister, her kids and my brother-in-law. I will deck up in new clothes and wear makeup on the occasion. Eid never feels festive until I taste my mother’s special ‘Payesh’. As long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed the wonderful delicacy prepared by my mother. But on Eid days, somehow the taste is enhanced into something out of this world.
The adda sessions will begin at anytime during Eid day. My friends will drop by at our house and we will chat, eat and have a good time together. I also plan to visit some of my close ones. There will be no busy shooting schedule during the Eid break. After Eid day, I will spend most of my time watching TV. I won’t miss my own dramas. I plan to watch and enjoy them with my family. I will also exchange Eid greetings with my friends and relatives. I want to have as much fun as possible during Eid.
Mahfuz Ahmed
I feel like this is the best Eid of my life. So, I plan on spending this Eid in a very content manner. I’m saying that this is the best Eid so far, as this will be the first time I will spend the occasion as a father. This is my first Eid with my daughter. So everything will be special. I plan to stay at home during the Eid vacation and spend every moment with my child.
To give more time to my daughter, I’ve only worked on one special drama this Eid. I feel that I’ve worked more than enough for a lifetime. Now is the time to pay more attention to my child.
My daughter is still an infant. She just gazes at me and smiles. I smile back and try to talk to her. I want every father to enjoy a happy Eid with their daughters.
Bonna Mirza
I will spend the Eid vacation in Dhaka with my husband. I hope to have a good time during Eid. Nowadays, the workload has increased due to the burgeoning of TV channels. Like all other artistes, I have to work in many Eid dramas. I hardly get a break until Eid arrives, allowing me the time to have a well deserved rest.
Lots of delicacies will be prepared at home during Eid. Many relatives and friends from the media will also come to visit. We will have adda sessions with them and enjoy the food together. Maybe we will also visit the homes of a few dear ones. We haven’t decided whether we will travel somewhere during Eid. If we do decide to go on a trip, that will be an added fun for the occasion.
Mir Sabbir
This Eid, viewers will be able to enjoy Mir Sabbir’s performance in nearly 25 TV plays or telefilms. The popular actor is very busy with a packed shooting schedule for Eid specials. He says that the hectic routine will continue till three days before Eid. Sabbir has worked in a new Hanif Sangket Eid special drama — shot in Savar. The actor claims that the audience watching the drama will be in for a treat as they always are in a Hanif Sangket creation.
Sabbir will also be starring in “Shubho Bibaho’, a seven- episode mini-series directed by Zahid Hasan. Desh TV will air the play for seven consecutive days from Eid. The play has been shot in Sirajganj. Although he has visited Sirajganj for shoots on several previous occasions, Sabbir says the experience of shooting “Shubho Bibaho” was far more fun.
Meanwhile, three Eid plays directed by Sabbir will be aired during the festival. He is both the director and actor in the plays “Alal Dulal”, “Kuddus Mama” and “Makeup Man”. Saying that he has taken great care in making the plays, Sabbir informed that all the dramas were shot in Dhaka.
BTV will air three more plays by the actor: “Made in Barisal”, “First Boy” and another still untitled drama. Sabbir asserts that “Made in Barisal” is a brilliant drama which the audience will definitely enjoy.
The other Eid dramas by the actor are “Ashol Nokol”, “Schedule Nai”, “Nikhoj Sangbad”, “Otrishna” and “Kinar”. Sabbir adds that he cannot recollect all the TV Eid plays he has worked in. However, he claims that his fans will not be disappointed as all of the dramas have a good storylines, characters and scripts.
Maasranga television will also air a telefilm by Sabbir, directed by Himel Ashraf and written by Anisul Haq. Sabbir claims that the telefilm is also brilliant. He further informs that he has performed in Fazlur Rahman’s telefilm “Outsider”. Overall, the number of above par TV plays had been good this year, points out Sabbir.
The star will spend Eid in Dhaka with his family. Although he wants to go outside the capital during Eid, his busy shooting schedule bars him from doing so. Reminiscing on his childhood Eid days, Sabbir says those were the real festive days. However, looking at his own child takes him back to those joyful Eids, he says. When asked about his post-Eid shooting schedule, Sabbir informs that he is set to go to Qatar at the end of August to shoot for Mahfuz Ahmed’s serial “Maago Tomar Jonnyo”.
As every year, I only have one plan for Eid: to sleep through the day. I’m busy round the clock throughout the year and hardly have any time to rest. So during the three days of Eid, I prefer to stay indoors and enjoy a well deserved sleep. I only wake up to enjoy the variety of dishes prepared for the occasion. However, this year I also plan to read books from my favourite authors and listen to my favourite singers. I’ve already purchased the books and the CDs. I always wait for Eid, as it marks my true vacation.

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