Sumaiya Shimu at DS Café

The phone at Star Arts & Entertainment started ringing off the hook before 3pm (the scheduled time). During the course of an hour, we received calls from almost all divisions. Majority of the callers were young men and the query from many of them: is the glamorous actress Sumaiya Shimu single? However, Shimu’s popularity can’t be justified by her looks alone; over the years the petite actress has demonstrated her acting chops in several plays and serials. Excerpts from Shimu’s conversations with her fans:
Rajani, Narayanganj: Have you done any play for the upcoming Eid? I loved your role, Aparna, in “Swapnachura”. Do you plan to work in movies? Where did you study?
Shimu: Work on Eid-special dramas has just begun, as there are couple of months to go.
“Swapnachura” is also one of my favourite serials. Your appreciation makes me feel that my hard work has paid off. About working in cinema, I want to say that I prefer TV plays and I look forward to continuing in this field.
I have done my masters from Jahangirnagar University and now I’m working on my Ph.D.
Brigadier General (retd.) Imtiaz, Chittagong: I have seen almost all TV plays you’ve acted in and feel that you’ve been successful as an actress. I wish you the best.
Shimu: I’m elated to hear that you make time to watch my performances. We (actors, directors and technicians) work very hard, which the audience may not often realise. Compliments like this certainly makes it all seem worth the efforts.
Mahbub, Rangpur: I regularly watch your plays. I enjoy them immensely.
Shimu: Thank you for appreciating my work.
Nokul Kumar Biswas, Patuakhali: How are you doing? I love your acting. I can’t sleep at night if I don’t watch your plays.
Shimu: You’re obviously an avid fan. Thank you so much.
Najmul Islam Shipu, Jessore: You are one of my favourite actresses. I’m a student of Jahangirnagar University.
Shimu: I’m ecstatic to know that I’m your favourite actress. Truth be told, whenever I hear that someone studies at Jahangirnagar University I feel nostalgic.
Mehedi, Khulna: As I’m talking to you, I’m also watching the drama “Hello” in which you performed.
Shimu: How does it feel to watch me on screen and talk to me at the same time?
Samiha, Baily Road, Dhaka: I’m a student of class 8 at Viqarunnisa Noon School. What plays are you doing for the upcoming Eid?
Shimu: Thanks for the call. I just started working on Eid specials, so I can’t name them all. Take care.
Monir, Pangsha, Rajbari: Where were you born and where did you grow up? How did you step into the media? Got marriage plans?
Shimu: I grew up in different parts of the country. My native district is Norail.
My initiation in acting was not planned; it was sudden. I have no wedding plans as of yet. I’m not dating anyone and will happily marry someone my parents choose for me.
Akash, Jessore: How did you learn to act so well?
Shimu: It is the love of the audience that encourages me to push myself further.
Aurobindo, Khulna: I study in Khulna University. Have you been here? If not, you’re definitely invited. Please do come.
Shimu: Khulna University is a beautiful place. I didn’t go in but saw the campus from outside. I will try to come.
Loni, Banani, Dhaka: I’m a huge fan. Where do you live? Your hair and makeup are even better than before. Which beauty salon do you go to? Which colour is your favourite? What do you like to eat the most?
Shimu: Thanks. I live in Banani. I mostly go to Farzana Shakil’s. My favourite colour is white and favourite food is ‘kancha aam-er bhorta’.
Deb, Jessore: Did you work in plays based on a Rabindranath Tagore’s stories?
Shimu: I’ve done several such works.
Zakir, Dhaka: Are you married?
Shimu: No I’m not.
Shubho Kumar Das, Satkhira: I’m really excited to get a chance to talk to you today.
Shimu: Thanks. Good to talk to you too.
Alam, Jatrabari, Dhaka: I love your performance in “Lolita”. You are a brilliant actress.
Shimu: Thanks.
Rizwan, Gulshan, Dhaka: How are you? DS Cafe has published a very nice photo of you.
Shimu: I’m doing great. Thanks. You can thank Star Arts & Entertainment for that photo.
Ratan, Khulna: I wanted to be the last one talking to you, so you would remember me. Are you married?
Shimu: Well, you are the last caller today and I will remember you. I’m not married.


Courtesy of The Daily Star

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