Tom Brady helps legendary Aston Martin brand to be relevant with a $10 million deal

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Tom Brady’s influence as an NFL legend has made him one of the most trusted figures in the United States. Aston Martin recognizes his power and pays a hefty $10 million to keep the luxury brand in the spotlight among American buyers. Business F1 reveals that this payment is equivalent to what Aston Martin invests in the James Bond franchise to represent their brand. The total $20 million spent annually on these two figures proves to be a wise investment, boosting Aston Martin’s sales in the UK and the US.

Brady’s association with Aston Martin plays a significant role in driving sales in the American market. With the British Pound’s depreciation against the American Dollar, each sale in the US becomes even more profitable for the British car company.

Therefore, having Brady as the face of Aston Martin in America makes perfect sense. However, is that enough to address the ongoing losses the company has been facing?

Since Lawrence Stroll took over as the chairman of Aston Martin, the company has been struggling with accumulating losses. However, with investors like the Saudi Public Investment Fund showing confidence in the brand, Aston Martin can strategize its path to survival.

Brady has shown a growing interest in motorsports and has made appearances at F1 races in the past. While he missed the recent Miami Grand Prix, Aston Martin can capitalize on his presence by featuring him in the upcoming races in the United States.

The highly anticipated Las Vegas Grand Prix presents an ideal opportunity to attract attention to the event by bringing Brady as a star appearance in the paddock. Additionally, the brand can create buzz by arranging a video or interview where Brady interacts with Aston Martin’s own legend, Fernando Alonso.

Fans would undoubtedly enjoy witnessing this interaction, as Brady has previously engaged with F1 star Lewis Hamilton in the paddock. Incorporating Brady’s connection in F1 not only strengthens Aston Martin’s association with the sport but also enhances its brand visibility and appeal to a wider audience.

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