Thursday, February 29, 2024

DSE marks rise

Staff Reporter The Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) registered remarkable gains after a day of the national election as investors’ hoped that the peaceful election and its results would help boost the market. The investors yesterday placed huge buying orders to get profit, pushing up the day’s turnover to Tk 4.31 billion on yesterday from Tk ... Read more

Why the AL won and the BNP lost the election-2008

COMMENTARY Why the AL won and the BNP lost the election-2008 Mahmud ur Rahman Choudhury God forbid that I be considered pro or anti anyone. I have to start on this apologetic tone because things are so polarized in Bangladesh that people tend to see everything in black and white ignoring the shades in between ... Read more

Grand victory for grand alliance

People go for change in fair polls; voters turnout 70pc Star Report The Awami League-led grand alliance has swept back to power after seven years out of office with a stunning landslide victory in

Sex on beach Briton, Vince Acors, speaks out for first time

From Times Online Sex on beach Briton, Vince Acors, speaks out for first time Nico Hines A British businessman today spoke out for the first time about his conviction for having sex on a beach in Dubai, saying that he had been “extremely naive” but claiming that the verdict against him was unjust. Vince Acors ... Read more

Australian snorkeller snatched by shark

• Shredded westuit found off Perth coast • Son hears father’s screams Ellen Connolly in Sydney, A snorkeller is believed to have been snatched by a shark as he swam last weekend with his son at a beach south of Perth. Witnesses reported seeing a dorsal fin and thrashing in the water before the ... Read more

Illegal graffiti ads dirtying city

Rizanuzzaman Laskar Strange looking women in peculiar clothes have taken over most of the city’s roadside walls. Their grotesque and deformed postures annoy pedestrians. Onlookers say this kind of particular advertisements is a torture to their eyes. “They look like aliens from mars,” remarked Shah Alam, a pedestrian in Badda. The unpleasant looking wall advertisements ... Read more

Mindless Car Parking On in Gulshan

Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) move to free the main thoroughfare in Gulshan from illegal car parking falls flat as vehicles are being parked right under the ‘no parking’ signs. The DCC recently leased out a number of lanes in the posh residential neighbourhood for commercial car parking on the plea that it

Jubilant voters rush polling centres

BREAKING NEWS Jubilant voters rush polling centres Star Online Report The capital city of Dhaka as elsewhere in the country wore a festive look today with tens of thousands walking down at polling centres to elect their representatives for the national parliament in the national election after seven long years. Our correspondents who are visiting ... Read more

Accept polls results: Hasina

BREAKING NEWS Accept polls results: Hasina Star Online Report Awami League President Sheikh Hasina today hoped that the general election will be held peacefully and urged all to accept the election result whatever it will be. She also flashed V-sign after casting her vote at Dhaka City College centre with her sister Sheikh Rehana at ... Read more

Khaleda satisfied with election mood

BREAKING NEWS Khaleda satisfied with election mood Star Online Report BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia said the today’s election is being held in a festive mood and hoped that the four-party alliance will win the election if it is held in a free, fair and neutral manner. “We have said earlier that the BNP-led alliance will ... Read more

CA happy at peaceful voting

BREAKING NEWS CA happy at peaceful voting Star Online Report Chief Adviser (CA) Fakhruddin Ahmed today expressed his happiness to see the voters’ turnout for the ninth parliamentary polls being held countrywide today. The voting is being held peacefully across the country and there is no report of any incident so far, the CA told ... Read more

CEC rules out possibility of results boycott

BREAKING NEWS CEC rules out possibility of results boycott Star Online Report Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) ATM Shamsul Huda said there would not be any scope for any quarters to reject today’s election results as the polling process has been accomplished so meticulously. “The voting process has been arranged in such a way that there ... Read more

Winners to work jointly with losers: Gen Moeen

BREAKING NEWS Winners to work jointly with losers: Gen Moeen UNB, Dhaka Army chief Gen Moeen U Ahmed hoped that Monday’s election winners along with the losers would work together for taking the country forward. “The country should not be divided unnecessarily and without any reason,” he told reporters after casting his vote at Adamjee ... Read more

Voting going on peacefully: EU team chief

BREAKING NEWS Voting going on peacefully: EU team chief UNB, Dhaka European Union (EU) chief election observer Alexander Lamsdorff today said he found large turnout of enthusiastic voters casting their votes in an orderly and peaceful manner in the first three hours without any fear and intimidation. Talking to reporters and election officials after observing ... Read more

Nation goes to polls today

Massive security measures for 9th JS elections Staff Correspondent Displaying a landmark progress in the quest for “a government of the people, by the people and for the people”, the nation goes to

Khaleda feels relaxed, upbeat

Staff correspondent The Bangladesh Nationalist Party chairperson, Khaleda Zia, on Sunday said that she was feeling relaxed after completing preparations and hectic campaigns across the country for the general polls on Monday. ‘I feel relaxed as I have done all the works, and still I am in good health,’ Khaleda Zia told while exchanging views ... Read more

AL expects ‘absolute majority’

Foreign observers hope polls will be free, fair Staff Correspondent The European Parliamentary Party, the European Union polls observation team and the National Democratic Institute on Sunday hoped that Bangladesh’s ninth parliamentary polls today would be free and fair through which the people would elect a new government. ‘We hope that the best election will ... Read more

Cast your vote wisely

CA tells nation Unb, Dhaka Chief Adviser (CA) Fakhruddin Ahmed has urged the electorates to cast their votes wisely and appealed to the political parties to gracefully accept the results of today’s crucial general election. “Let us get united and participate in an appropriate democratic process. I hope tomorrow’s parliament elections will be a classic ... Read more

Stern action for negligence

CEC warns poll officials again Unb, Dhaka Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) ATM Shamsul Huda has urged the voters to cast their votes judiciously in today’s national election. “Don’t vote at the instigation of anybody, cast vote by using your intellect and conscience to achieve your cherished dream,” he said in a televised address to the ... Read more

Vote or ‘No’ vote?, Dhaka “Can you tell me what to do? There are three candidates in my constituency, but none of them are any good. I don’t find any reason to go and vote.” A voice comes to the help of this unhappy voter. “You can still apply your voting rights if you don’t like any of ... Read more