‘Cultural therapy’ for mentally ill patients!

The Pabna Mental Hospital is the first research site for DU’s theater and performance studies students

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A group of theater and performance studies students from Dhaka University began conducting research at Pabna Mental Hospital, on the use of ‘culture therapy’ to treat patients with mental illness.

Five departmental students — Fazle Navid Onon, Tanvir Newaz Tirtho, Jannatul Mawa Nibir, Farzana Afrin Meem, and Shithi Ishra Risil — conducted field research among hospital patients and medical personnel over the course of the last two days.

“Many of the mentally ill people we spoke with have an extraordinary ability to expose themselves. In addition to traditional medicine, they also need cultural therapy to help them enjoy life. Cultural therapy can help a mental patient in this way,” said Fazle Navid Onon, a member of the research team.

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‘Cartier’ names Deepika Padukone as its brand ambassador

French luxury brand ‘Cartier’ has just announced the Indian actress as its newest ambassador

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Multiple-award winning Indian actress, producer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Deepika Padukone has been announced as Cartier’s newest brand ambassador.

The French luxury brand shared the news that they are delighted to welcome Indian actress and producer Deepika Padukone to the family.

The actress is the latest A-list celebrity to sign on as an ambassador for the French jewelry brand, joining Blackpink’s Jisoo, actress Lily Collins, singer Willow Smith, and social media sensation Emma Chamberlain.

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How to bring back golden days of romance with longtime partner

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Are you missing the spark in your long-term relationship? Has it become more of a habit?

If you continue to ignore these warnings, it’s time you bring back those golden days of romance when butterflies flew in your stomach when you saw your partner.

Relationships are built on a few guiding principles that we frequently overlook over time, which eventually has an impact on the connection. We’ve included 4 strategies to assist you revive your long-term partner’s waning romance as a resource.

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Caesarean births increase significantly in Bangladesh: BIDS

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A study conducted by the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) found that the overall prevalence of CS among women in Bangladesh was 3.99% in 2004 but increased to 33.22% in 2017 – 18, nearly eightfold.

Caesarean section (CS) delivery is massively booming in Bangladesh, said a study by the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS).

The details were presented at a public research organization conference on Wednesday titled ‘Massive Boom of C-Section Delivery in Bangladesh: A Household Level Analysis (2004-2018)’. (28 September).

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Miss Universe 2022 to be held in New Orleans next year

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On January 14, 2023, more than 90 women will vie for the title of Miss Universe at the Ernest N Morial Convention Center in New Orleans.

They will compete in various categories, including evening gown and swimwear. They will also take part in an in-depth interview session.

The organization said earlier this month that the pageant has been postponed due to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar from November 20 to December 18.

The revelation also indicates that there will probably be two Miss Universe pageants next year, with the second one being conducted later in the year to crown Miss Universe 2023

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Woman falls at the start of the race but gets back up and wins

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In an incredible moment, a girl showed the courage to win a race despite falling early in the race. A video of her incredible performance was posted on Instagram and it would inspire you.

The video was first published on the Old Tappan Track & Field Twitter account. Girls’ hh trials for the Bergen County Championships. Abigail Dennis put out an amazing effort. Must watch,” they tweeted a few months back in reference to the video.

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Fan undergoes 15 surgeries to get a look like Kim Kardashian

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A fan of Kim Kardashian in South Korea undergoes 15 surgeries to get a look like the model. Cherri Lee, whose birth name is Hanbyeol, has had a total of 15 surgeries within eight years for getting a look like Kardashian.

The South Korean woman has claimed she spent £50,000 (around $60,000) on plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments to look like the SKIMS founder.

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Couple signs one pizza each month wedding contract

The agreements established between the bride and the groom during the marriage typically concern very important issues. However, A video of the contract that an Indian couple signed at their recent wedding went viral on social media and made headlines for its odd subject matter. reports the BBC.
The newlyweds signed a funny list of dos and don’ts after marriage. Friends of the bride and groom helped compile this list.

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67% medicine retailers not cognizant on antimicrobial drugs: DGDA

By Dhaka Mirror : dhakamirror.com
Around 67 percent of medicine retailers cannot identify antibiotics from regular medicines properly as they do not have adequate knowledge about antimicrobial drugs, finds a study by the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA).
Sabrina Alam, assistant director at DGDA, disclosed the information at the dissemination programme on current antimicrobial resistance and the usage pattern in Bangladesh, at

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Bride goes Viral for wearing $47USD dress and low-cost wedding

The idea of spending lots of money on a wedding is nothing new, however, a California couple has gone viral on social media for taking the opposite approach.
The couple, Kiara and Joel Brokenbrough of Los Angeles,wanted to be “as minimal as possible” when planning their wedding, spending less than US$500 in total for everything. This includes Kiara’s US$47 dress, which she purchased from the e-commerce website

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The Tallest family in the world revealed

By Dhaka Mirror: dhakamirror.com
The Trapp family from Duluth, Minnesota has achieved the Guinness World Records title for tallest family. The family is an average of 203.29 cm (6 ft 8.03 in) tall, with the tallest being the son Adam Trapp measuring a whopping 221.71 centimeters and the shortest being the mother Kristine Trapp at 191.2 centimeters.
“I love saying I’m the shortest person in the world’s tallest family!” joked Kristine.
Daughter Savanna Trapp-Blanchfield, 27, measures

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Worst habits for belly fat

The worst fat is belly fat. Overeating may lead to heart disease and diabetes. Doctors think a larger waist indicates a shorter life. Following are the facts that contribute to belly fat:
Eating while distracted: Instead of browsing through your phone as you snack, focus on your food and taste it. Overeating is less probable if you eat mindfully.
Eating too fast: It takes

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Deficiency of intestinal enzyme one of leading causes of diabetes, finds study

It has been long known that diabetes is caused by a variety of factors such as genetic influences, insulin resistance, and physical inactivity, but now a team of Bangladeshi scientists has come up with a new cause of the disease.
Deficiency of intestinal enzyme, Alkaline Phosphatase, is one of the leading causes of developing diabetes among people, said a study revealed in Bangladesh capital Dhaka on

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Cruise line’s newest team member is pop star Jennifer Lopez

Cruising newcomer Virgin Voyages has announced its newest hire – pop star Jennifer Lopez is joining the cruise line as an investor and the chief entertainment and lifestyle officer.
“My artistic and social mission is to empower, inspire and entertain,” Lopez said in a statement. “Any opportunity that I get to combine all these attributes into a partnership and collaboration is exciting for me. I admire Sir Richard and all he has built.”
Virgin Voyages, Richard Branson’s latest business venture

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How the formula milk industry exploits over half of Bangladeshi parents

Baby formula makers still violating global marketing rules – study
More than half of the parents and pregnant women from eight countries, including Bangladesh, say they have been targeted with marketing in breach of international standards on infant feeding practices.
A new study by the World Health Organization and UNICEF, which draws on interviews with parents, pregnant women and health workers also from China, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, the

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What is causing your loss of smell and taste?

We take our sense of smell for granted. But have you ever imagined losing your sense of smell? Food tastes different without your sense of smell, you cannot smell a flower, and you could be in a dangerous situation without realising it! Find out the following causes of smell loss:
The smell-taste connection: Taste usually follows the smell. Because your nose’s olfactory area controls both. Your nose

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Tashnuva becomes first Bangladeshi trans-woman to walk on NY Fashion Week ramp

Bangladeshi transgender woman Tashnuva Anan Shishir walked the ramp at the New York Fashion Week on Saturday (12 February).
She became the first Bangladeshi transgender women to participate in the prestigious semi-annual fashion event.
Shishir confirmed the news in a facebook post.
‘…I am grateful to all of my audience, good wishers, friends and family who’s are always with me. Special thanks to my organiser team Md Ariful Islam

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Man blacklisted from ‘all you can eat’ restaurant for eating too much

In an incident in China, an all-you-can-eat restaurant owner banned a man from eating too much after accusing him of overindulging. Food live-streamer Mr. Kang was recently banned from the Handadi Seafood BBQ Buffet in Changsha, central China, after eating an excessive amount of food at the venue, the BBC reported.
He ate 1.5kg of pork trotters during his first visit and 3.5kg to 4kg of prawns on another visit, he

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Couple sails to wedding venue in large cooking pot

Akash and Aishwarya both healthcare workers, hails from southern India were determined not to miss their big day in the village of Thalavady in Kerala state on Monday.
Heavy rainfall in Kerala has caused serious flooding and deadly landslides. Rivers have overflowed and bridges and roads have been swept away – in some cases entire towns and

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