Thursday, April 25, 2024

What the political parties are promising us: Pros & Cons

Commentary Mahmud ur Rahman Choudhury All eyes and minds are riveted on the politics of the Country with the major political combines of BNP and AL in a tizzy over the upcoming polls. BNP and AL have issued their manifestos on 12 and 13 December respectively, promising everyone every conceivable and some inconceivable things too. ... Read more

Strategic investment can cure economic ailment

TURNING RECESSION INTO REWARD Strategic investment can cure economic ailment M. Shahidul Islam. A hybrid brand of ‘National Socialism’ is back in disguise as the governments everywhere is stepping into economic management of matters that have hitherto been under the purview of the private sector. That does not mean the Hitlerism is back, but it ... Read more

Arctic reported to be on thin ice

AP. WASHINGTON: Autumn temperatures in the Arctic are at record levels, the Arctic Ocean is getting warmer and less salty as sea ice melts, and reindeer  herds appear to be declining, researchers have reported. “Obviously, the planet is interconnected, so what happens in the Arctic does matter” to the rest of the world, Jackie Richter-Menge ... Read more

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Global Warming Reduce greenhouse gas emissions Farhad Tuhin. Greenhouse gases naturally blanket the Earth and keep it about 33 degrees Celsius warmer than it would be without these gases in the atmosphere. Over the past century, the Earth’s temperature has increased by about 0.5 degrees Celsius and scientists believe this is because of an increase ... Read more