Monday, February 26, 2024

Comedian Kemboi

Ezekiel Kemboi could have been a stand-up comedian. His antics certainly had the press in raptures, but like all stand-up comedians he also made many valid points, albeit in a humorous way. “South Asians have cricket, Europeans have football, and Kenyans have

Britain in love with Jessica

Of the seven heptathlon events, her most favourite one is 100m hurdles so Jessica Ennis must have some ideas about China’s Liu Xiang, the poster boy in Beijing four years ago. It all had ended in agony for Liu, the first Asian man to take gold in an Olympics track event, winning the 110m hurdles ... Read more

‘Go Mo Go’

The giant screens at the Olympic Stadium often invite audience to make some noise but it was not something needed when Mohammed Farah raced his 10,000-metre run on Saturday. The crowd were already on their feet seeking Jessica Ennis and George Rutherford picking up two gold medals for Great Britain and when Farah began his ... Read more

Serena’s dream comes true

Serena Williams annihilated Maria Sharapova to win the women’s tennis singles gold medal here at the All England Club yesterday. When it was over, Williams, who owns 14 major championships as a professional and has earned more prize money than any other female player danced like a 6-year-old in

London Diary

Birthday boy Ryan Lochte is set to be upstaged again by United States rival Tyler Clary as they wind down from their Olympic exertions in the pool. After stealing Lochte’s 200m backstroke crown with a surprise gold medal on Thursday, Clary revealed he is heading to the heart of London’s west end to mix it ... Read more

Mohan takes the field today

Mohan Khan, Bangladesh’s last remaining athlete in Olympics 2012, will take the field today when he will sprint in men’s 100-metre pre-qualifying heats at the Olympics Stadium. Mohan, who was drawn in the first heat, said he is very relaxed before this long cherished event. ‘I am not at all nervous,’ said Mohan. ‘I know ... Read more

Speed costs Pendleton

“These things happen,” said a weary looking Victoria Pendleton. She said it with purpose, her brilliant blue eyes looking straight at the journalist who had asked her the question. But even then you got the feeling that the only person she was trying to convince was herself. “How could they do this to you Vicky?” ... Read more

A game far too wide

As the USA took the second set in tie-break Brazil coach Bernardo Rezende put his both hands on the head. The game was still evenly-poised but he sensed the worst and at the end he was proved right. Brazil lost their epic Pool B volleyball battle to the USA by 3-1 sets in what was ... Read more

London Diary

London Olympic 2012 London Diary After we reported yesterday that luminaries as diverse and impressive as Dmitri Medvedev (RUS), Kobe Bryant (USA) and Prince Albert of Monaco had been among the glitterati gracing the stands at these games, the celeb-sightings poured in from other sports, determined not to be outdone. One breathless snowboarding fan of ... Read more

Friendship core of swim rivalry

Michael Phelps tiptoed into the press conference, taking exaggerated steps with his massive frame. On the podium, Ryan Lochte who was answering a question, looked at Phelps with a flummoxed expression. A second later, they both burst out laughing. It was a wonderful moment partially because not thirty minutes ago, both these guys

So good yet so far

Bangladesh swimmer put on a decent show in his only event in London Olympics when he clocked 24.64 seconds to finish 39th among 58 swimmers in the 50-metre freestyle heat on Thursday. The timing and position easily met the expectation of Mahfizur, Bangladesh’s best freestyle swimmer in the last five years, who came here thankfully ... Read more

Missile misfires

Aussies on the wane in the pool You didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out James Magnussen’s expression after Wednesday night’s thrilling 100-metre freestyle swimming final. The Australian first had his head buried in his hands. Moments later he could be seen staring straight into the wall of the swimming pool, hoping ... Read more

Maria enchants

The dazzling streak of blonde hair, the piercing scream with every shot of the ball and the full house on Centre Court — Maria Sharapova certainly makes her presence felt. The Russian tennis player is a true superstar and you get that feeling almost as soon as she steps onto the centre court at Wimbledon ... Read more