Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Your hair are falling and becoming thin, but you wouldn’t like the world to know about it. Many young women and even men face the problem of hair loss and hair thinning due to various factors like stress and use of harmful chemicals. In a looks centric world, keeping your best look forward is the key to success. Thus, even if you are facing the trouble of thin hair, there are ways by which you can effectively hairstyle yourself for that perfect look. Given below are such helpful hairstyles for thin hair.
If you have thin hair, then you should avoid long hair. This is because the longer the hair, the thinner look they depict. Instead opt for short hairstyles as they provide your hair with greater volume and lift. Short bobs are another effective hairstyle for thin hair. If you have curly hair, then you are lucky and can even keep your hair long as they naturally help in providing hair with a voluminous look thereby disguising its thinness. Moreover,

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How to add colors to your sex life

Do you really feel that the daily stresses of your busy life are squeezing away the fun from your rocky bedroom life? Couples become frustrated, panicky when their sex lives go to the wayside during stressful periods of their life. They find it very hard to deal with such a condition. Remember that it is always important to stay connected with each other during lives high well as low periods. And in case, sex is not in your mind, make sure you guys are together for each other. Here are some other easy ways by which you can add more colors to your sex life- just read them below!
Show appreciation for one

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Don’t take health tips from celebs if you know what’s good for you

From The Times
Don’t take health tips from celebs if you know what’s good for you
David Rose
From Madonna’s quest to “neutralise radiation” to Tom Cruise’s dismissals of psychiatry, celebrities are seldom shy about expressing their views on health and science – even when they appear not to know what they are talking about.
A roll call of public figures such as Cruise and Delia Smith have offered bogus advice or “quackery” this year, according to scientists and doctors. The charity Sense About Science is concerned that celebrities mislead the public when they endorse theories, diets or health products while misrepresenting the science involved.
Some – such as Oprah Winfrey and Kate Moss – espouse “detox” regimes, while others, such as Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, believe (mistakenly) that the Pill can cause cancer.
Nor are politicians exempt from lending credence to health myths. The US President-elect is among several American public figures who continue to suggest that the MMR vaccination is a potential cause of autism, despite an overwhelming weight of scientific evidence to the contrary.
Smith’s suggestion that obesity is caused by sugar addiction is another of the assertions under scrutiny. In March, the cookery writer and broadcaster told The Times: “That’s what causes obesity. It’s addiction. You need to have six weeks without sugar or sweetener . . . After six weeks, everything will taste

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Sleep gives brain disease warning

Physically “acting out” dreams when asleep could be an early warning sign of dementia or Parkinson’s disease.
Canadian researchers studied 93 people with “REM sleep behaviour disorder”, which can involve punching or kicking out while dreaming.
The Neurology study found more than a quarter were diagnosed with a degenerative brain condition over the next five years.
UK experts said the research could help doctors predict the condition.
Normally, during “Rapid Eye Movement”, or “REM” sleep, our muscles relax and do not move, but people with certain sleep

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Sonam is young, Aishwarya is old for international cosmetic brand L’oreal

Spicezee Bureau
Mumbai: After winning the hearts of many with her vivacity, Bollywood’s pretty lady, Sonam Kapoor, is now set to become the young face of the international cosmetic brand L’oreal. The ‘Saawariya’ girl recently signed her first endorsement as brand ambassador for L’oreal, making a mark on the international modelling network.
Although the ever so gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, has been the brand’s face for years now, the organisation has been looking for a more youthful face to launch its new range of cosmetics. However, Ash hasn’t been replaced and will continue to be the older face of L’ Oreal

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Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Show

It’s the sexiest event of the year, and you have front row seats! FemaleFirst brings you an exclusive look at the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, featuring Heidi Klum, courtesy of E!. See the Victoria’s Secret Angels, including Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima and Marisa Miller strut their stuff on the catwalk. Victoria’s Secret is the … Read more

What is the right age to marry-read it out

Millions of people tie knot every year because it is a norm that we all have to follow. But how many of us really know about the right age of marrying? Some says the right age of marrying is when you are absolutely jaded and feel there is nothing left to explore in life. Some believes to secure themselves financially before tying the knot with the other person.
There was a time when 25 year old unmarried girl invited enough fodder to fill a stable, but not any more. The total concept of marrying has undergone a lot of change. Welcome to this new world, where love is just another virtue and marriage is a destination not so eagerly awaited. Marriage is certainly a necessity which provides you emotional and financial security plus acceptance in the society. It provides you someone special who makes you feel special throughout your lifetime and be with you throughout ups and downs of life. But still, one should marry only when one really feels it is required not under family

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Thinking about self employment? Read this out!

If you had a run of unhappy jobs, or perhaps you think that you can do better than your firm, then it might be worth giving working for yourself some serious thought as you create your life plan. But mind it that giving up your job to work for yourself is a major decision with major consequences. If it goes well, you will be very happy. But if it does not, you might find yourself re-starting the journey from the point further back. Well, here are some tips that you should examine before indulging

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Mobiles in pockets hit fertility


NEW YORK: An Indian American fertility expert has warned men that keeping their cellphones in pockets and belts while talking on hands-free could affect their fertility.

In a study published on in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility, Ashok Agarwal, lead author, says men who keep their cellphones in their pockets or clip them to their belts while using an ear piece to chat may be compromising their sperms.

An earlier study conducted on some 361 men, he said, had found a significant relationship

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