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Wander Woman celebrates six-year anniversary

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Wander Woman, a pioneering travel company specializing in empowering women through unique travel experiences, marked a significant milestone on 22 September 2023, with its grand sixth-anniversary celebration held at the Lakeshore Hotel in Gulshan.

The event was sponsored by Mutual Trust Bank and also supported by Green Delta Insurance, reads a press release.

To make this event more special, ICE Today Magazine, The Business Standard, Radio Shadhin 92.4 FM, Live2web Broadcast and Channel 24 supported Wander Woman by being the respective media partners. The entire event was beautifully photographed by Tanvir Ali Photography. There were also many gift parters of the event which included, Vim, Vaseline, Lux Bodywash, Sundora, ISHO, The Mall BD, Top Trip, Monno Ceramics, Kaaruj, Sarins’s Store, Hawaa, Linear Lifestyle, Poushee, Goynar Baksho.BD, Fun Fest activities and Achariyana. These partners ensured valuable gifts for all the participants and guests at the event.

Savoy Bangladesh also supported the event by agreeing to be the ice-cream partner and offering free ice creams to all the participants. Lakeshore Hotel in Gulshan provided massive support to the Wander Woman team by being the venue partner of this event.

The evening commenced with a heartfelt note from Wander Woman’s esteemed CEO and Founder, Sabira Mehrin Saba, setting the tone for a memorable night of reflection and festivity.

One of the most touching moments of the evening was the heartfelt appreciation extended to the company’s loyal customers. Gratitude was expressed through the distribution of exquisite gifts from partners such as The Mall BD, Kaaruj, Goynar, and Monno Ceramics, showcasing the company’s deep appreciation for the unwavering support of its dedicated clientele.

The excitement soared with the highly anticipated Raffle Draw, where participants eagerly tried their luck to win fabulous prizes from top brands including Top Trip, Isho, Achariyana, Linear Lifestyle, Poushee and many others.

The event featured two distinguished guest speakers who shared their valuable insights and knowledge. Rashid Rezoana, Head of Women Banking Department at Mutual Trust Bank, delivered an enlightening speech on the role of women in the banking sector and the many services available at MTB. Some valuable information about the insurance facilities tailored for women in Bangladesh, highlighting the importance of financial security was also shared by Sadaf Nasir who is in charge of Brands and Communications at Green Delta Insurance.

A highlight of the celebration was a dynamic panel discussion featuring four accomplished women from diverse fields which included Aumia Khundkar, Chief Editor of ICE Media Ltd, Saria Saguaro, Owner of The Flourist, Zeenia Nuzhat, Owner of Kaaruj andProma Paromita Chowdhury, Lecturer in the Department of Economics at East West University.

These esteemed panellists engaged in a candid conversation, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities women encounter in their respective industries, inspiring all in attendance.

The night came to a thrilling DJ extravaganza, leaving everyone on the dance floor. Attendees also savoured a delectable culinary experience provided by Lakeshore Hotel, adding to the joy of the celebration.

Wander Woman’s six-year journey is a testament to its commitment to empowering women, fostering inspiration, and creating lasting memories through travel. This anniversary celebration reaffirms the company’s dedication to its valued customers, partners, and the empowerment of women in Bangladesh. – Press release

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