Friday, March 1, 2024

Economy gradually slowing down

The country’s economy is slowing down gradually and is unlikely to achieve the targeted growth rate in the current fiscal mainly because of the slow pace of investment and political unrest. Sources said most of the economic indicators are going from bad to worse, causing the country’s economic prospects to turn gloomier. The situation will ... Read more

Canada keen to help Bangladesh realise its economic potential

Canada is eager to extend support to Bangladesh’s economy and boost the country’s foreign direct investment receipts, Heather Cruden, the Canadian high commissioner to Bangladesh, said yesterday. “Canada joins the world in applauding Bangladesh’s impressive economic growth of 6 percent in the last five years,” said Cruden at the luncheon programme of the Foreign Investors’

How to troubleshoot the economy

Sadiq Ahmed Bangladesh is facing serious macroeconomic challenges and I have written a lot explaining them in a series of articles published in The Daily Star and in The Financial Express. In this new article I am going to write specifically about how Bangladesh could address those challenges while also mobilising substantial external financing in ... Read more