Saturday, April 20, 2024

Hockey crisis resolved, finally

The long-lasting crisis of local hockey was finally resolved on Friday after Khwaja Rahmatullah resigned from the position of Bangladesh Hockey Federation general secretary. Abdus Sadek, the veteran vice-president of BHF, was given the charge of general secretary during an emergency meeting of the federation’s governing body while Rahmatullah

Cloud over hockey gets darker

The dark cloud over the country’s hockey became darker as some leading hockey players remained their position firm on not to join the training camp for the upcoming South Asian Games until the Bangladesh Hockey Federation announces the inter-club players’ transfers date. On Wednesday, Pushkor Khisha MImo, one of the senior national team members

Bangladesh hockey celebrates 40th anniversary

A grand ceremony marked the 40th anniversary of Bangladesh hockey on Saturday with the promise of a new beginning as the Maulana Bhashani Hockey Stadium wore a festive look with the presence of current and former hockey players. The ceremony, which began in the morning and came to an end later in the evening, was