Saturday, July 13, 2024

BPC incurs loss of Tk 100 crore in the name of ‘system loss’

The state-owned Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation incurs a loss of more than Tk 100 crore in the name of ‘system loss’ in handling imported fuel oils, sources in the oil sector said. As the country’s lone importer and distributor of petroleum products, BPC incurs the loss due to rampant pilferage and corruption at terminals and depots, ... Read more

LPG sold at high price in Sylhet

Liquefied gas cylinders are being sold in Sylhet at almost double the price set by Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation in absence of proper monitoring over the market. A dishonest quarter comprising some officials and employees of BPC distributors—viz. Padma, Meghna and Jamuna oil depots and their authorised dealers—is engaged in creating artificial crisis in

Govt’s LP gas for cheats

Racketeers eat up Tk 50cr subsidy, pocket up to Tk 160cr a year by spiking prices At a time when consumers are grappling with soaring prices of liquefied petroleum gas, unscrupulous traders with the help of some government officials are making crores of taka by selling subsidised LP gas at more than twice the government-fixed ... Read more