Saturday, May 25, 2024

Women can do everything

Says first Bangladeshi Everest princess on her return The first Bangladeshi woman to conquer Mount Everest said her achievement had proved women were not lagging behind and could do everything if they had confidence, determination and skills. “Conquering Mount Everest is the toughest task in the world. My success will inject confidence among Bangladeshi women ... Read more

Home beckons Nishat

Everest conquerors fly home today; Wasfia reaches Kathmandu After their successful ascent of Mount Everest, two Bangladeshi mountaineers Nishat Majumder and MA Mohit will return home today. They are scheduled to arrive in Dhaka at 1:40pm on a flight of Biman Bangladesh Airlines. “Our flight will take off at 12:25pm [BST] from Kathmandu…. I am ... Read more

Nishat, Mohit accorded reception

Nishat Majumder and her fellow mountaineer MA Mohit were accorded a reception at Kathmandu yesterday for their successful ascent of Mount Everest. The Nepal chapter of Plan International hosted the reception around 11:00am at a convention centre in the Nepali capital. The duo, however, could not finalise till last night their schedule to return to Dhaka ... Read more

Wasfia reaches Namche Bazar

Nishat, Mohit stranded for bad weather Bangladeshi adventurer Wasfia Nazreen reached Namche Bazar safely yesterday while Nishat Majumder and MA Mohit remained stranded in Lukla for the second day yesterday due to bad weather. “Now I am very close to Namche Bazar and hope to reach there within half an hour. I will stay here ... Read more

Wasfia comes down safely to base camp

Other Everest conqueror Nishat reaches Kathmandu It was early in the morning, and the air was calm on the top of the world. Her clock struck 6:26am when Wasfia Nazreen topped the Everest braving hostile weather. The sun was rising from the left and the sunlight was reflecting on the snow-covered tops of all the ... Read more

Wasfia mounts Everest

Dedicates her feat to Bangladeshi women Wasfia Nazreen has become the second Bangladeshi woman to scale Mount Everest just a week after Nishat Majumder achieved the feat. She reached the top of the 8,848-metre (29,029-foot) mountain at 6:41am Bangladesh time yesterday. Korvi Rakshand, spokesperson of the Bangladesh on Seven Summits campaign that

Conviction pays off

Parents on Wasfia’s hard work It is an outstanding and unbelievable achievement that came following her years of perseverance, said Nazmee J Chowdhury, father of Wasfia Nazreen. “We think this is an award from the Almighty to Wasfia for her hard work, integrity, perseverance and fascination for adventures,” said Chowdhury in his instant reaction hours ... Read more

I ducked death several times

Everest conqueror Nishat tells from base camp; Wasfia waits for final push for the summit “I was close to losing my life several times. One time I was swept around 30 metres away from my tracks and almost into a crevasse.” Nishat Majumder–the first Bangladeshi woman to scale Mount Everest–described her brush with death during ... Read more

Wasfia goes for summit

Everest Beckons Another Bangladeshi Wasfia goes for summit 2 conquerors yet to come down to base camp A second Bangladeshi woman mountaineer, Wasfia Nazreen, started her push for the summit of Mount Everest yesterday, two days after Nishat Majumder conquered the world’s highest peak as the first Bangladeshi woman. Using a satellite phone, Wasfia posted ... Read more