Saturday, June 15, 2024

Brad Pitt sued Angelina Jolie for selling stake in their vineyard

When actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie purchased a controlling stake in Chateau Miraval, a vineyard in southeast France, they liked it so much they eventually got married there. Now the pair are divorced, and Pitt is suing Jolie for selling her stake in the Miraval estate. Brad Pitt filed a lawsuit against Angelina Jolie ... Read more

Brad Pitt to produce Monroe biopic

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt has stepped in as a producer to help director Andrew Dominik on his long delayed Marilyn Monroe biopic. Naomi Watts was to play the iconic bombshell in Dominik’s biopic Blonde, which stalled before shooting was scheduled to begin in January 2011, reports Hindustan Times. However, Pitt, 48, is planning to give ... Read more

Brad Pitt To Endorse Women’s Fragrance

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt has shocked one and all by deciding to endorse a woman’s fragrance. The Mr and Mrs Smith star will lend his much talked about charisma to promote Chanel No.5, the bestselling fragrance from the house of Chanel. Brad will be the first male celebrity endorser for Chanel that has previously been ... Read more

Brad Pitt: ‘Films should age like fine wine’

Brad Pitt has insisted that he chooses only quality projects in order to ensure the longevity of his career. The Moneyball actor said that he believes filmmaking should be a process which produces movies that age like a “fine wine”. “Filmmaking is about longevity. Is it a quality picture? A quality story? Is there something ... Read more

I have psychological defect: Brad Pitt

Actor Brad Pitt feels he has psychological defect due to which he cannot perform any task in reverse gear. “If I’m walking out the door and I’ve forgotten something, I can’t go back and get it. It is something in my nature. If I’m driving down the road and I miss a turn, I have ... Read more

Brad Pitt saves womans life

Brad Pitt saved a woman on the set of World War Z from being trampled. The 47-year-old actor was shooting battle scenes for the horror apocalypse movie in Glasgow, Scotland, with 700 extras when the actress fell to the ground in the melee. Quick-thinking Brad scooped her up in his arms and put her back ... Read more

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Get Married This Summer? For Real?

Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie really getting married? As in, within the next three months? A new report claims it’s true, citing three different sources! We’ll believe it when the “I dos” are exchanged, or the couple confirms the report themselves. Take Us Weekly’s cover story with a grain of salt. Or 864. A ... Read more