Saturday, April 20, 2024

Telecom firm to change city phones

The Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Ltd (BTCL) is going to implement a new project to replace about 180,000 land phones, including about 70,000 broadband lines, in Dhaka with a new technology, officials said. The new project, Telecommunication Network Development, will be implemented in six telephone exchanges here. The project will also include IGW,

BTCL slashes bandwidth price by TK 3,200

The state-owned Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited has reduced monthly leased rental bandwidth price by Tk 3,200 aimed at providing cheaper internet services to its subscribers. ‘We’ve trimmed the monthly rental bandwidth price to Tk 4,800 from the exiting Tk 8,000,’ SOM Kolimullah, managing director of BTCL, told the BSS on Sunday.

17,000 phone subscribers quit BTCL despite improved service

Everything is not hunky-dory for the country’s land phone operators, experts say. The state-owned Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited (BTCL) has been struggling for some time now to retain its subscriber base, sources in the company said. Despite BTCL’s attempts at improving the quality of its services (QoS) by bringing the nationwide call switching

Internet blackout early Sunday

Bangladesh will experience an internet connectivity black out for about an hour early Sunday between 2:00am and 4:00 am due to submarine cable maintenance and repair in Singapore, said internet gateway and submarine cable related officials. Bangladesh will suffer multiple internet disruptions between August 7 and 11 as the 20,000-kilometre