CSR or eyewash!

Mahtab Uddin Ahmed A common sight during winter months in recent years has been the distribution of blankets by our politicians, corporate leaders and businessmen to communities with little or no real need for them. News and social media coverage, mobile clicks and press conferences may outnumber the total spending on these so-called noble endeavour … Read more

Brac Bank donates 5pc of CSR fund to PM’s trust

Brac Bank has contributed 5 per cent of its total corporate social responsibility (CSR) budget for 2022 to the Prime Minister’s education assistance trust (EAT).
The bank handed over a cheque equivalent to Tk 11,517,754 to the PM’s EAT on April 20, 2022, a press release said. “We should thank Bangladesh Bank for

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CSR and a new order of business

From being seen as mere philanthropy and ‘doing good’, corporate social responsibility is now at the heart of business sustainability and ethical and accountable corporate behaviour
Bitopi Das Chowdhury
CSR or corporate social responsibility has been a buzz phrase for quite some time now. Not a day goes by without it being mentioned, albeit in passing, in daily business discourse. Even during the last decade, CSR was looked upon by big businesses as “doing good” — something that was “extra” to their day-to-day effort of profit maximisation, a great public relations (PR) tool to generate empathy among their customers and favouritism from the powers that be. Not anymore.
Companies today realise

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