‘Cultural therapy’ for mentally ill patients!

The Pabna Mental Hospital is the first research site for DU’s theater and performance studies students

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A group of theater and performance studies students from Dhaka University began conducting research at Pabna Mental Hospital, on the use of ‘culture therapy’ to treat patients with mental illness.

Five departmental students — Fazle Navid Onon, Tanvir Newaz Tirtho, Jannatul Mawa Nibir, Farzana Afrin Meem, and Shithi Ishra Risil — conducted field research among hospital patients and medical personnel over the course of the last two days.

“Many of the mentally ill people we spoke with have an extraordinary ability to expose themselves. In addition to traditional medicine, they also need cultural therapy to help them enjoy life. Cultural therapy can help a mental patient in this way,” said Fazle Navid Onon, a member of the research team.

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