Thursday, May 30, 2024

88.4pc of slum elderly people mentally tortured, 39.6pc physically: study

Around 90 per cent of the elderly people in the Dhaka city slums are being subjected to mental torture and 40 per cent of them are physically assaulted by family members including sons, daughters, spouses, sons-in-law and daughters-in law. Also 83.3 per cent of the elders, with women leading the number, are victims of negligence

No family planning services for Dhaka slums

People living in Dhaka city’s slums, who comprise around 40 per cent of the total population of the capital, appear to be ignored by the government’s Family Planning Programme as there is no door-to-door counselling and service. Rehana, who lives in the railway slum in Mailbagh, has been looking for advice on family