Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Deficiency of intestinal enzyme one of leading causes of diabetes, finds study

It has been long known that diabetes is caused by a variety of factors such as genetic influences, insulin resistance, and physical inactivity, but now a team of Bangladeshi scientists has come up with a new cause of the disease. Deficiency of intestinal enzyme, Alkaline Phosphatase, is one of the leading causes of developing diabetes ... Read more

Junk foods lead to early-age diabetes

Frequent consumption of fast foods and lack of physical exercise are causing lifestyle diseases, particularly diabetes, among urban people even before they reach 35 years of age, according to physicians. They say the increasing popularity of junk foods — popularly called fast foods — among the youngsters leads them to burden their blood with cholesterol ... Read more

Young patients learn controlling diabetics

It was not just a pleasure excursion for the little children suffering from diabetes but an opportunity to learn how to control diabetes and maintain health to live like a non-diabetic person. Young diabetics, aged between four and eighteen years, gathered at Proshika guesthouse in Manikganj on Sunday for a two-day camp. The camp aimed ... Read more