Thursday, April 18, 2024

75% disabled children not in secondary school

News Desk : About three-quarters of children with disabilities have dropped out of high school, and about 60% do not go to regular primary schools. A recent government study found that only 8% of them go to primary schools for early childhood education, with girls enrolling at a rate of 5.39 percent and boys ... Read more

Creating an inclusive and accessible world

International Day Of Persons With Disabilities Creating an inclusive and accessible world Dr Tamanna Afroz Around 15% of the world’s population, or one billion people, live with disabilities. And the rates of disability are increasing due to population ageing and increases in chronic health conditions. People with disabilities have less access to health care services ... Read more

Little accommodations for students with disabilities

Accommodation facilities for people with disabilities,  are too inadequate to cope with their growing number hampering their mainstreaming in the society. Bangladesh Pratibandhi Kalyan Sangstha programme coordinator Azmal Hossain said that there were 16 lakh children with disabilities for whom the government needed to set up a large