Saturday, April 13, 2024

Diti now busy with TV plays

Besides acting movies, noted film actress Parvin Sultana Diti these days is directing and acting in several number of TV plays. The selective artist has just finished her work in PA Kajol’s film Mukti. ‘I appeared in an important role in Kajol’s film, which won the government grants,’ Diti told New Age. ‘I could have worked ... Read more

Diti in govt sponsored movie after 26 yrs

Popular film actress Parvin Sultana Diti will perform in government sponsored movie after 26 years. She will perform in movie ‘Mukti’, directed by PA Kajol. Shooting of the movie began from August 6. Story of the film was written by director Kajol and he has also made the script. Diti started her film career by ... Read more