Thursday, April 25, 2024

DMP moves to stop illegal parking

Starts using wheel clamps Dhaka Metropolitan Police has started using wheel clamps to lock illegally parked vehicles and ensure that they are towed away. “We have procured 100 wheel clamps, which four divisions of traffic will use to tow away more illegally parked vehicles from a certain area,” said DMP traffic Chief Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman. ... Read more

Traffic chaos reigns in city

The traffic system in the capital is in a shambles with the Dhaka Metropolitan Police failing to cope with the situation which has turned alarming with deadly road accidents taking place almost every day and tailbacks growing longer. Like the previous year, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police has decided to take a number of measures,

Random parking goes unabated

DMP runs only 4 run-down tow trucks, 2 of them busy in VIP duty Random parking on roads has become a habit of city motorists as they very well know that nobody would tow away their wrongly parked vehicles. At worst, they will have to pay a nominal fine. Also, traffic personnel remain busy mostly ... Read more