Sunday, April 14, 2024

Rumana’s husband Hasan found dead at BSMMU

Hasan Syeed, the former husband of Dhaka University teacher Rumana Monzur, was found dead in a prison cell at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University in the capital on Monday morning. The 38-year-old Hasan was sent to the BSMMU prison cell on November 23 for treatment of his eyes, the family members said. The prisons directorate ... Read more

Rumana now learns Braille

Dhaka University teacher Rumana Monzur, who flew to Canada for better treatment after she had been injured in the eyes allegedly by her husband Hasan Syeed on June 5, is now learning Braille to complete her studies in Vancouver, her family said. Assistant professor of international relations in Dhaka University, Rumana, 33, also a student ... Read more

Rumana won’t see, ever

Surgery on her right eye also fails to raise any hope Rumana Manzur is never going to see again. Eye-surgeons of Vancouver General Hospital, Canada failed to restore the optical nerve in her right eye on Friday while hope for the left eye was already shattered. A team of six eye-surgeons and several other eye-experts ... Read more

Efforts on to find treatment

DU offers legal aid to tortured teacher Rumana With no treatment available in Bangladesh and India to restore Rumana Manzur’s eyesight, her family is now approaching eye specialists in developed countries hoping to find some treatment for her eyes there. “We are contacting hospitals and eye specialists abroad. They might do something in a complicated situation like ... Read more

She sees daughter touching, talking

She was too tired to be visited by anyone else; she has had enough of visitors in her hospital cabin since morning. But she could not hold back her excitement sensing the presence of her daughter around her bed. “Have you come, ma?” She stretched her arms to touch her child. “Where are you?” Rumana ... Read more

All she wants is punishment

Rumana weeps, tells how she forgave husband upon numerous tortures After doctors in Bangladesh and India have failed to restore Rumana Manzur’s eyesight, the Dhaka University teacher now has just one option open: waiting for a miracle. “I don’t know what will happen with my eyes. Now everything depends on Allah,” a crying Rumana said ... Read more

Rumana returns, sees nothing

“He has made my world dark. I can’t see my daughter.” This was Dhaka University teacher Rumana Manzur lamenting before the media on her return from India yesterday after doctors expressed little hope of her getting back the eyesight. “I came home [from Canada] after nine months to see my daughter. But I could not ... Read more

It’s untrue, nonsense

Rumana’s friends, acquaintances in Canada trash assaulter husband’s allegation against her The accusation of infidelity made by Rumana Manzur’s husband is “nonsense,” and is an attempt to damage her reputation, her friends at her university in Canada and the Bangladeshi community there have said. “I was shocked to learn that the untrue claims were made ... Read more

No ray of light

Rumana likely to return home tomorrow as doctors in India find no cure for her eyes Dhaka University Assistant Professor Rumana Manzur is expected to return from India tomorrow as doctors there have said there is little chance for her to get back eyesight, family sources said. A medical board in Sankara Nethralaya, an eye ... Read more

Hope against hope for Rumana’s eyes

Doctors in India to give report today; assaulter Sumon confesses ‘bid to kill her’ Rumana Manzur, the Dhaka University teacher who was brutally assaulted by her husband, is coming back home as doctors in India could not give much hope about her eyes, said family sources. The doctors are expected to give the official report ... Read more

One eye blinded, other in danger

Reports Indian medical board after checking Rumana; torturer husband remanded The retina of one eye of Rumana Manzur, who was brutally assaulted by her husband, is not responding to her brain, and she has gone permanently blind in the other eye, said her family sources quoting a medical report. A medical board formed for Rumana ... Read more

It’s all because of scholarship

DU teacher describes husband’s assault on her “He pushed his fingers into my eyes,” a battered wife told newsmen yesterday how her sadistic husband made her suffer beyond belief, “And dragged me by my hair on the floor.” Rumana Manjur was talking to the reporters at the city’s LabAid Hospital for the first time since ... Read more