Thursday, July 25, 2024

It’ll need Tk 59,000 more for Hajj cost

Executive committee on Hajj management announces State minister for religious affairs Faridul Haque Khan on Thursday said the cost for performing hajj has increased by Tk 59,000 per person. The authorities have raised the expenses of Hajj per person by Tk 59,000, due to the rise in essential costs in Saudi Arabia

Special hajj packages can’t be below Tk 4.63 lakh: Agencies’ Association

Hajj agencies will be able to announce separate “special hajj packages” on their own but the pricing of any such package cannot go below the minimum set amount, Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh President M Shahadat Hossain Taslim said today. A Bangladeshi pilgrim will have to spend a minimum of Tk 4,63,744 for

Hajj package announced, pilgrims to pay Tk 1 lakh more

By Dhaka Mirror : The government has proposed two government-approved Hajj packages for 2022 that will have the pilgrims to count over Tk1 lakh more to perform the holy duty. Package-1 and package-2 will cost Tk5,27,340 and Tk4,62,000 respectively, State Minister for Religious Affairs Faridul Haque Khan said in a press conference on

Hajj for 3,455 aspirants uncertain

The government’s indecision with regard to 12 Hajj agencies, banned by Saudi authorities last week, created uncertainty whether or not 3,455 aspirant pilgrims would be able to perform Hajj under private management, officials said. Bangladesh government allowed these agencies to take the Hajj aspirants to Saudi Arabia

Hajj operators yet to rent houses in Makkah

Biman to announce flight schedule on Aug 12 Private hajj operators said on Tuesday that could not yet rent houses in Makkah as Biman Bangladesh Airlines Limited and Saudi Arabian Airlines were delaying their announcement of hajj flight schedules. The two airlines carry a majority of hajj pilgrims from Bangladesh to Saudi Arab. Following a ... Read more