Thursday, July 18, 2024

Shortcut to fortune

Hall-Mark’s way of building empire with short-term loans Controversial business group Hall-Mark in wilful violation of banking rules has invested in long-term projects the money it took in short-term loan from state-run Sonali Bank. The group that began making garments in 2007 now owns 80 factories, at least 40 of which are on paper though. ... Read more

Hallmark Group ignores Sonali Bank notice

Refunding money Hallmark Group ignores Sonali Bank notice The Hallmark Group ignored a Sonali Bank notice to refund a half of the money it had embezzled from its branches as the 15-day deadline ends today. The Hallmark Group embezzled Tk 2,668.38 crore from the branches of Sonali Bank. On September 4, Sonali Bank issued a letter asking ... Read more

Value inflated abnormally

Hall-Mark’s Mortgaged Land Value inflated abnormally Savar police, admin always turned a deaf ear to complaints of land-grabbing against Hall-Mark in Janata Housing project The controversial Hall-Mark Group now claims an abnormally inflated price for the 47 acres of land it has mortgaged to Sonali Bank for the Tk 2,686-crore loan it has taken using ... Read more

18 companies of Hallmark Group obtained TIN but did not submit tax returns

The National Board of Revenue has found that 18 associate companies of the Hallmark Group did neither submit tax returns nor paid taxes for any fiscal year though the companies have obtained tax identification numbers as business entities, NBR officials said on Monday. The NBR will serve notice very soon to the companies asking why they ... Read more