Thursday, July 18, 2024

Against All Odds

One lost a leg in Rab shooting. The other lost four fingers of her right hand — her husband chopped them off to compel her to stop study. But Limon Hossain, the Rab victim, and Hawa Akhter Jui, the victim of her husband’s brutality, defied their odds and appeared in the HSC examinations that began

Studies she can now carry on with

CRP restructures Jui’s hand chopped off by husband, prepares her to sit in HSC exams in April Yes, she is going to sit for the HSC examinations staring from April 1, but this is not the only news. Hawa Akhter Jui will be answering the tests using her right hand. The 21-year-old did not lose ... Read more

Vital time wasted

Jui was left to bleed for 3 hours after husband chopped off her hand Hawa Akhter Jui was left to bleed for nearly three hours after her husband hacked off her right hand with a machete, and dumped the severed hand into a dustbin on December 4. “Instead of taking me to a hospital, my ... Read more

All she wanted was to study

Husband blindfolds, chops off her hand as punishment, culprit sent to jail She was blindfolded and gagged. Her hands tied. Her husband took out a machete and hacked off her right hand. Her only fault was that she would pursue studies despite her husband’s objections. “I was waiting for a surprise from my expatriate husband ... Read more