Saturday, July 13, 2024

International Literacy Day: Government now aims 100% literacy by 2030

News Desk : About 24.40 percent of adults aged 15 and over remain illiterate, although the ruling Awami League pledged in its 2008 election manifesto to end illiteracy by 2014. The goal of achieving universal literacy by 2014 was also set out in the National Education Policy 2010 created in 2009 by the AL-led ... Read more

Literacy rate figures mismatch

International Literacy Day today Bangladesh will observe International Literacy Day today, as elsewhere in the world, amid confusion about the actual figure of literate people in the country. The final report of the 5th Population and Household Census 2011, released in July, says that 51.8 per cent of the population of seven years and above ... Read more