Jaya Ahsan enchants viewers in the ‘Beauty Circus’ trailer

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The trailer for Jaya Ahsan starring ‘Beauty Circus’ was released on the YouTube channel Yesterday. The 2-minute trailer captures a variety of emotions ranging from fear to excitement. In the video, Jaya Ahsan stars in multiple scenes, displaying a wide range of expressions and emotions to help viewers understand the gravity of each scene.

The circus itself is highlighted throughout the video, and is reminiscent of the kind of circuses one would see in movies from the 80’s.

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Jaya Ahsan wins Anandalok Best Actress award in India

Jaya Ahsan has won the Anandalok Best Actress award for her performance in “Binisutoy”, in India.
“It is my greatest pleasure to receive the Anandalok Best Actress award for ‘Binisutoy’. Anandalok organised the award ceremony after 10 long years,” shared the renowned actress, on her verified Facebook profile.
“Atanu Ghosh’s ‘Binisutoy’ inspires everyone

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Jaya Ahsan returns after shooting in Kolkata

A decade has passed since Jaya Ahsan’s emergence, during which she has turned her journey into a success story only a few artistes can emulate. Be it TV plays, modeling or movies — Jaya came, saw and conquered all with her extraordinary abilities.
The talented actress recently returned from Kolkata after shooting for the West Bengal film “Aborto”

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