Sunday, April 21, 2024

No food, water for Bangladeshis stranded on Libyan borders

527 expected to return today Several thousand Bangladesh nationals stranded on the borders of trouble-torn Libya and awaiting evacuation, ‘are exhausted and in urgent need of food, water and shelter’, according to the UN International Organization for Migration. At least 527 Bangladesh nationals, who have fled from violence in Libya, are scheduled to

101 fly in first from Libya

Recruiters shift hundreds of Bangladeshis to bordering countries; govt rules out wholesale evacuation A group of 101 Bangladeshi nationals returned from Libya via Istanbul yesterday afternoon with another 1,000 expected to arrive by next two or three days. And some 8,867 Bangladeshis, now stationed in different countries bordering Libya, are in the process to be ... Read more

Bangladesh mission looted in Tripoli

An armed gang last night looted valuables from the Bangladesh High Commission in Libyan capital Tripoli. They also abducted two women from just outside the high commission premises. “A group of miscreants carrying heavy arms and ammunition suddenly attacked the high commission and looted valuables from there,” an eyewitness told The Daily Star early

No massive evacuation now: minister

Expatriates’ welfare and overseas employment minister Khandker Mosharraf Hossain said on Sunday that the situation in Libya at the moment did not call for a massive evacuation of Bangladesh nationals trapped in the trouble-torn north African country. The government has, however, made all preparations for evacuation of Bangladeshis   from

2,000 Bangladeshis move out of Libya

Evacuation begins About 2,000 Bangladesh nationals have reached Egypt, Tunisia and Greece from trouble-torn Libya by road and ship, the government said Saturday. An additional 6,000 Bangladeshis are expected to leave Libya in a day or two, it said. Bangladesh has requested the international communities, including Egypt, Tunisia and

No specific request to IOM yet

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) yesterday made an urgent appeal to the international community for funding so that it could help evacuate migrants from turbulent Libya. “We are very concerned for all those migrants who may wish to leave, but cannot. Many countries without the adequate resources to evacuate their nationals are now asking ... Read more

Bangladeshis caught in troubled Libya

Around 450 workers held ‘hostage’ by anti-govt demonstrators; 15 hurt in attack on construction site At least 15 Bangladeshi workers were injured as rioters stormed a South Korean construction site about 30 kilometres west of Tripoli while around 450 others were reportedly taken hostage in the port city of Darnah. The raid on the worksite ... Read more