Thursday, February 22, 2024

Libya sends back 200 workers

Says visas fake; manpower office rejects it  The Libyan authorities have deported around 200 Bangladeshi job seekers in the last few days, saying their work visas were fake, but the manpower bureau in Dhaka has rejected the allegation. The deportation starting from May 22 to 26 prompted the authorities in Dhaka not to allow the job seekers ... Read more

Malaysian cops prey on migrant workers

Rights activist tells anti-graft body in KL about their harassment for bribe Migrant workers in Malaysia are regularly being harassed by law enforcers and forced to pay bribes, rights activist Irene Fernandez told Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Friday. She also cited six instances of corruption involving guest workers, reported The Malaysian Insider. On Friday, the ... Read more

Big promise, small pay

Employers in UAE pay Bangladeshi workers much less than amount mentioned in job contracts Before leaving for the United Arab Emirates in early 2008, Shakil Hossain signed a job contract that offered him a monthly wage of 1,200 dirham (1 dirham equivalent to Tk 22). It was quite lucrative for the plumber although he had ... Read more

Fraud alert from Libya

Govt urged to ensure proper screening as manpower cheats get active   Bangladesh embassy in Libya has asked for stringent government measures so that illegal manpower syndicates cannot send jobseekers to that country. The embassy sought such steps as it learnt that illegal syndicates have become active to send Bangladeshi workers to Egypt and Sudan ... Read more

Jordan jobs made tough

Recruitment restriction imposed after reports of labour strike, sexual abuse Only after one year of lifting the ban, Jordan has tightened recruitment of Bangladeshi workers following a number of reports of sexual abuse of female workers and labour strike. “Jordan’s labour ministry is following strict rules regarding fresh recruitment of Bangladeshi workers. But we are ... Read more

2.68 lakh workers set to be regular

Bangladeshis in Malaysia 2.68 lakh workers set to be regular Malaysian home minister says his country needs all those who get registered under amnesty scheme.  All the 2.68 lakh irregular Bangladeshi workers registered under Malaysia’s amnesty programme will be regularised from October 10 and given jobs, officials at the Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur ... Read more

Saudi Arabia may recruit more Bangladeshis

Saudi Arabia will consider taking more workers in farm and other sectors from Bangladesh, the Saudi foreign minister, Prince Saud Al-Faisal, told the Bangladesh foreign minister, Dipu Moni, in Jeddah on Tuesday. Saudi Arabia will also ease restrictions on allowing changes in iqama (work permit) of Bangladeshi workers, he said

5 lakh expat Bangladeshi workers to be fingerprinted

Malaysia 5 lakh expat Bangladeshi workers to be fingerprinted  Bangladesh and Malaysia will work together to fingerprint for the first time the estimated 500,000 Bangladeshis working legally and illegally here, said Hishammuddin Hussein, home minister of Malaysia, yesterday. The government had struck a separate agreement with Bangladesh’s High Commission to facilitate the registration of their ... Read more

Mauritius comes to aid of victims

11 Expats Dead in Road Crash Mauritius comes to aid of victims The Mauritius government has displayed a rare example of care to the families of the 11 Bangladeshi workers killed in a road accident in the island nation on January 12 this year. On March 3, Mauritian labour minister Shakeel Ahmed travelled to Bangladesh ... Read more

Pot smoking was a factor

Trapped in Container Pot smoking was a factor The two Bangladeshis, who were discovered in a cargo container shipped from Chittagong to Singapore, had smoked marijuana in the container before being locked in. “For some time, we forgot that we were in a container,” said port worker Din Islam, who was lucky to survive after ... Read more

Home beckons, holds no hope

On Tunisia-Libya Border Home beckons, holds no hope Bangladeshi fortune-seekers tell of manpower touts, survival struggle at border camp “Human trafficking!” exclaimed an IOM official shocked to his very core, “These are Bangladeshi migrant workers in Libya fleeing Gaddafi’s atrocity. How can they be victims of human trafficking?” The official’s seemingly reasonable reaction was triggered ... Read more

FM faces agitating stranded Bangladeshis

Foreign minister Dipu Moni faced agitating Bangladesh nationals stranded at border points between Libya and Egypt for delay in relocating them from politically volatile and strife-torn Libya on Sunday, according to diplomatic sources. They criticized the government for its lukewarm attitude in repatriating people stranded in