Wednesday, July 24, 2024

2012 ‘off-the-chain’

London Olympics 2012 2012 ‘off-the-chain’ If there ever was a one-word summary to describe the 30th Olympiad in London, the USA athlete DeeDee Trotter found it during one of many press conferences at the Olympic Stadium on Saturday. “Off-the-chain,” said Trotter and the whole room burst out laughing. “And that is putting it mildly,” she ... Read more

A question and grim reality

The American journalist was clearly irritated by the presence of so many Bangladeshi newsmen at the press conference after almost every athletics event at London. He had no clue as to why a country would be so highly represented despite them having no stake in any of the events. Spurred on by the question from ... Read more

Gold eludes Brazil again

London Olympics 2012 Gold eludes Brazil again Romario couldn’t do it, Bebeto couldn’t do it, Rivaldo couldn’t do it, Ronaldinho couldn’t do it. Neither could Brazil’s latest poster boy Neymar. The weight of history proved far too much for Mano Menezes’s young Selecao and their dreams of Olympic gold crumpled to dust on the picture-perfect ... Read more