Sunday, July 21, 2024

A desperate escape act

London Riot A desperate escape act She came to the UK in March to learn English and to join her older sister, who has lived in the UK for five years. But when marauding yobs set her street on fire, Monika Konczyk had to fight for her very survival. The image of her jumping from ... Read more

Bangalees stand against rioters

Members of Bangalee community fended off looters and chased them out of neighbourhoods in London that saw a lull in violence yesterday after three days of rioting. In Whitechapel, home to Britain’s largest Bangladeshi population, Bangalee youths, who had gathered for evening prayers outside East London Mosque, had chased 70 masked rioters out of the ... Read more

Surreal city, unreal images

It is a gloom-filled evening here in London, a depressed city where the spectre of violence seems to be taking increasingly wider swathes of it in its grasp. After the unexpected and, of course, unprecedented rioting that left Tottenham devastated and its residents fearful over the weekend, it was hoped that order would swiftly return ... Read more