Sunday, April 21, 2024

Fagua brings rhythm to lives of tea workers

The Fagua festival has a special place in the life of tea workers. Besides an attempt to preserve their heritage, the festival brings rhythm to their arduous and monotonous lives. Yesterday, tea workers from different areas, belonging to different ethnic groups with their own language and culture, came together as one to mark the Fagua ... Read more

Lawachhara National Park at risk

The eco-system of Lawachhara National Park in Moulvibazar is at risk because of indiscriminate destruction of forest resources, a heavy rush of visitors even into the deep forest and lack of proper maintenance and scarcity of wild animals. The district administration has already expressed concern about the worrying state of the environment protection system in ... Read more

Rare goose spotted

A rare species of goose was spotted for the first time in the country in Hakaluki Haor of Moulvibazar district last Saturday. A group of bird watchers led by eminent bird specialists Dr Enam al Haque and Paul Thompson have found the ‘lesser white-fronted goose’ on the concluding day of the two-day bird enumeration session ... Read more