Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Sagor-Mimo in Eid dance show

For the first time Super Hero Sagor and Super Heroine Mimo have worked together in a dance show. They will be seen to perform in a special dance show titled “Aha Ki Ananda,” which was directed by Wahidul Islam Shuvo. This programme will go on aired after Eid day on NTV. Besides Sagor-Mimo, another popular ... Read more

Tarasankar’s Kobi on ntv

A new drama serial based on Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay’s much acclaimed novel “Kobi” goes on air from tonight on ntv. Titled “Kobi”, the serial will be aired on Fridays at 9:45pm. Arif Khan and Shadhon Ahmed have jointly directed the serial. The latter along with Aktaruzzaman has dramatised the serial. Kamol Khalid did the music direction. ... Read more

Eid celebration on small screen

Come Eid-ul-Fitr ATN Bangla,Channel i,ntv,ETV,Banglavision,Rtv,Desh TV,Maasranga Television and Boishakhi TV are raring to go with an array of special TV plays, feature films, tele-films and variety shows. ATN Bangla Dehorokkhi ATN Bangla will air single-episode

Airtel launches second telefilm ‘Bhalobashi Tai, Bhalobeshe Jai’

This Eid, Airtel, private mobile company, brings the multi-dimensional love story ‘Bhalobashi Tai, Bhalobeshe Jai,’  a drama made up of three inter-woven love stories of different relationships.  The Telefilm is produced by Shihab Shaheen, who also directed the Airtel telefilm “Bhalobashi Tai,” which aired on pahela boishakh. ‘Bhalobashi Tai’ became one of the most

Backfiring scams

Ultodhanuk on ntv Single-episode TV play “Ultodhanuk” will be aired on ntv at 10pm on the first day of Eid. Written and directed by Shafiqur Rahman Shantanu and Shamima Akhter respectively, the play recounts the story of Kajol, a crooked caretaker, who is in charge of a mansion. The owner of the large house, Abid, ... Read more

NTV to commemorate Abdullah Al Mamun

With a view to paying tribute to noted playwright and versatile theatre personality Abdullah Al Mamun, popular TV channel NTV will telecast a single episode play titled ‘Ebar Dhora Dao’, which was written by the late dramatist. Adapted by Diba Nargis and Masud Imran Mannu, the play was directed by Tarique Muhammad Hasan. The cast ... Read more

Syed Abdul Hadi on his latest album and more

In his over five decades of music career, celebrated singer Syed Abdul Hadi for the first time is going to release an album of Tagore songs on Pahela Baishakh. The singer recently shared with New Age his feelings about the upcoming album and his views on the current music trend. The album titled ‘Jakhan Bhanglo ... Read more