Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Five major risks found in Malaysian offer

Padma Bridge Project Five major risks found in Malaysian offer The finance division has pointed out five major risks in Malaysia’s initial proposal for the Padma bridge financing, and said they must be addressed if the proposal is to be accepted, according to a finance ministry official. Though the deal has been described as a government ... Read more

Malaysia submits concept proposal

Padma Bridge Project Malaysia submits concept proposal The government intends to sign the final agreement with Malaysia within a couple of months on the proposed Padma bridge project, said the communications minister yesterday after his meeting with a visiting delegation. A 26-member delegation, led by Malaysian Prime Minister’s Special Envoy Dato Seri S Samy Vellu, placed ... Read more

It’s most transparent

Abul on Padma project Communications Minister Syed Abul Hossain yesterday claimed the Padma Bridge is the most transparent project the World Bank ever financed in Bangladesh. “I will finally prove, it [Padma Bridge] is the most transparent project ever executed by any ministry under the World Bank funding,” the minister said while launching new vehicles ... Read more

WB names Abul, his firm

The minister denies allegation  Communications Minister Syed Abul Hossain and senior representatives of his family-owned company SAHCO, sought to coerce multiple companies into using SAHCO as a paid “silent agent” for getting permission to bid for the main bridge contract of Padma Multipurpose Bridge project. Companies failing to cooperate were threatened with retaliation, revealed an ... Read more

Light not thrown on graft allegations yet

Muhith admits World Bank halts Padma Bridge funding; bins propaganda against Yunus The World Bank has “temporarily halted” funding the Padma Bridge project and is waiting for the government’s response to its allegations of corruption in the tender process for the project. The government has not yet made it clear what the graft allegations are, ... Read more

WB takes hard line on graft allegations

Padma Bridge Project WB takes hard line on graft allegations Says no funding if govt doesn’t take action The World Bank will not fund the proposed Padma Bridge project unless the government takes actions against alleged corruption in the project’s tendering process, and brings changes at the top level of the communications ministry, sources in ... Read more

Padma Bridge in a quagmire

WB freezes on short-listed questionable companies; govt seeks to know the names, move on without those The construction of Padma Bridge will face a long delay if the World Bank does not accept the government’s proposal to start the work soon without involving the firms accused of corruption. The proposal was made when WB Vice-President ... Read more