Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Hazards of mercury poisoning go unnoticed 

Large amounts of toxic mercury, appro 58.5MT, were imported in 2014 A group of experts yesterday said mercury poisoning, a major health hazard, remains unnoticed and unheeded in Bangladesh, putting public health in jeopardy. Referring to a study conducted by the Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO) on mercury poisoning, they asked for immediate steps ... Read more

Bottled water safety come into question

Bottled drinking water in Bangladesh is no longer safe as it does not comply with international safety standards, thus becoming a threat to public health. Supply of bottled drinking water is a rapidly growing business in the country. A large number of people have turned to bottling drinking water, reflecting the diminishing confidence of people ... Read more

Food adulteration rings alarm bell

STAR-RDRS roundtable told most food items adulterated, pose lethal risks to public health Food adulteration with poisonous chemicals has reached a dangerous proportion posing serious health hazards in the country, said experts and government officials yesterday at a discussion jointly organised by The Daily Star and non-government development organisation RDRS Bangladesh. Basic food items on ... Read more