Friday, April 19, 2024

Muslims in world’s tallest tower have to fast longer

Muslims living in the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, should fast longer during the holy month of Ramadan, Dubai’s leading clerics have said. During Ramadan, Muslims are supposed to not eat or drink between dawn and dusk. “Burj Khalifa is almost one km (0.6 miles) high, which means people in higher floors can still ... Read more

Veggie prices skyrocket

Prices of various vegetables, used to prepare popular iftar dishes for breaking Ramadan fast, skyrocketed yesterday amid a surge in demand. Prices of sugar, onion, and chickpea also marked rise, after a brief stability which followed the businesses assurance to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that they would keep the prices stable. The prices of cucumber ... Read more

Ramadan starts with iftar galore

As the holy month of Ramadan began in Bangladesh yesterday, Chawkbazar, the most famous market for traditional iftar items in the capital, was bustling with shoppers from all localities. Like the other years, traders started displaying a variety of iftar items since afternoon as the around-50-foot-long lane became overcrowded with the time of Iftar approaching. ... Read more

Ramadan from today

The holy Ramadan, the month of self-purification through fasting, begins across the country today as the new crescent moon was sighted in Bangladesh sky yesterday evening. The National Moon Sighting Committee made the announcement at a meeting in the Islamic Foundation, Baitul Mukarram Mosque after reviewing the reports of moon sighting from different parts of ... Read more

Power-cuts to greet Ramadan

As the power supply situation deteriorated in the recent days, the Power Division yesterday decided at power-cut during the Ramadan not more than half an hour in each spell in any area. Ahead of the Ramadan, the country’s power generation drastically fell to 4,400 MW from an average 4,800 MW. Many areas in cities and ... Read more

Ramadan starts on Monday in UAE

Saudi Arabia will start Ramadan on Monday along with most other Gulf states Dubai: The Moon Sighting Committee has announced that Sunday will be the 30th of Sha’aban. Dr Hadef Bin Jua’an Al Daheri, Minister of Justice, said in a statement after the committee’s meeting Saturday night that Monday will be the first day of ... Read more

Ensure sale of safe iftar

Green activists urge govt Green activists demanded the government to take all necessary steps to ensure sale of safe iftar and other food items at reasonable prices during Ramadan. They made the call at a human chain programme in front of Institute of Fine Arts at Shahbagh in the city yesterday organised by Poribesh Bachao ... Read more