Curious hidden tattoo act as reminder of Scarlett Johansson’s good fortune

Actress has several tattoos on her body

Entertainment Desk :

Her stunning good looks have also made her a prominent casting target in the entertainment industry. The New Yorker keeps her good fortune in mind every day with a tattoo.

Even though Scarlett Johansson is known for keeping her personal and professional lives under covers, her fans are well aware of the many tattoos she proudly displays.

The actress, who was born in Manhattan, reportedly has eight tattoos. She has been guarded about revealing some of them, but they have slowly been revealed on the red carpet over the years.

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Scarlett Johansson launching skincare line The Outset

Scarlett Johansson is set to make further steps into the world of beauty and wellness by lunching her own skincare brand.
Called, ‘The Outset’, the 37 year old’s new range will drop on 1 March, 2022, after she announced the new venture back in June 2021.
The Hollywood actress isn’t doing it alone either, and has teamed up with beauty executive Kate Foster to develop the

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Scarlett Johansson insists marriage was a good decision

Scarlett Johansson believes marrying Ryan Reynolds was one of the best decisions she ever made, although they only stayed together for two years.
Scarlett Johansson claims marrying Ryan Reynolds was the “best thing” she ever did. The 27-year-old actress wed the ‘Green Lantern’ star in 2008, and although they split in December 2010, Scarlett is not regretful as she felt it was “instinct” to set up

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Ryan Reynolds Not Over Scarlett Split Yet

Ryan Reynolds has revealed he isn’t completely over his divorce from Scarlett Johansson yet – but he thinks he will be ready for a relationship soon.
Ryan Reynolds needs more time to get over his divorce from Scarlett Johansson.
The ‘Green Lantern’ star split from the actress in December and their divorce was finalised earlier this month, but even though they been apart for several months the actor admits he still

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Scarlett Johansson dines out with Ryan Reynolds

Rayan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson were spotted together at an intimate dinner in LA on July 9.
According to Life & Style magazine, the pair — who split six months ago — dined at Little Dom’s in the Loz Feliz section of LA. They reportedly arrived together and sat at a secluded booth in the back of the room.
“Scarlett was being

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Scarlett & Ryan are officially over

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are officially ex-husband and wife.
The actors announced their separation half a year ago, but their divorce finally became official recently.
When it was revealed that Johansson and Reynolds – both the most promising stars of their generation – had tied the knot back in 2008, they were viewed as a match made in heaven

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Scarlett Johansson and Justin Timberlake ‘share night of passion’

Scarlett Johansson showed she doesn’t mess about when it comes to matters of the heart as, just weeks after splitting from Sean Penn, she was spotted getting cosy with Justin Timberlake amid rumours they shared a night of passion.
But Scarlett isn’t the only one who seems to be able to forgive and forget, as JT also only just finished with

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Scarlett Johansson Not Pregnant

Just like Nicole Richie, Scarlett Johansson is setting the record straight about recent rumblings that she has a baby on board.
“Scarlett is not pregnant,” the actress’ rep said in a statement.
The rumors began after Johansson was spotted looking a tad full in the belly area, while out for a run with Owen Wilson and new beau Sean Penn. But Scarlett’s mouthpiece says it was just

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Scarlett Johansson campaigns for women’s health

Scarlett Johansson is spearheading a campaign to save women’s healthcare centres in the U.S. from budget cuts.
The Hollywood actress is angry with plans to axe more than £188 million in government funding for organisations which provide services such as birth control, cervical cancer screenings and HIV testing.
She has now filmed a public service

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