Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Family now fears social exclusion

Serafina Suicide Family now fears social exclusion Serafina Mardi’s family is not willing to take fresh legal action against the rapists fearing social exclusion. The indigenous girl was gang raped and then set herself on fire succumbing to utter humiliation through her wedding to one of the rapists followed by an out-of-court settlement. With no ... Read more

Nine rapists stay safe

Serafina’s Protest in Suicide Nine rapists stay safe Nine rapists of Serafina Mardi were let off the legal hook as the victim and her family members gave misleading statements before a court here in a rape case, said SM Rokon Uddin, superintendent of Rajshahi police. The rapists and their fathers were not even accused in ... Read more

Priest, 9 others arrested

Out-of-court Settlement of Rape Priest, 9 others arrested Police yesterday arrested 10 people including a catholic priest, Father Bernard Tudu, for their involvement in the out-of-court settlement of rape of Serafina Mardi that led her to commit suicide at Godagari upazila here. The other arrestees are indigenous community leaders Bishwanath Tudu, Sisti Tudu, Jotin Hendorm, Monir ... Read more