Wednesday, February 21, 2024


Memorable moments in the life of an actress Shabnam’s passion for acting started in her early teens. At the time she was taking dance lessons at the Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts and that was the only exposure she had to the world of performing arts. “When I joined films, it was indeed a turning ... Read more

Shabnam not to perform in ‘Khoda’r Por-e Maa’

Once popular film actress Shabnam has recently denied to play the title role of the movie “Khoda’r Por-e Maa” as she didn’t like its script. Scripted by Abdullah Jahir Babu and directed by renowned filmmaker Malek Afsari, the movie was scheduled to be produced by Taposhi Thakur. The legendary actress, however, was primarily agreed to ... Read more

Shabnam to perform in movie after 12 years

After the time span of long 12 years, veteran and legendary film actress Shabnam is going to perform in a full-length Bangla feature film titled ‘Khodar Por-e Maa’. This popular actress will play as the key role in this movie. The movie will be directed by Malek Afsari while its story was written by Abdullah ... Read more