Monday, May 20, 2024

Solo exhibition ‘Onneshon’ underway at EMK centre

Artiste Suborna Morsheada’s solo exhibition “Onneshon” is underway at Capital’s EMK Centre, featuring 31 artworks which was inaugurated on Saturday (15 January) on EMK Centre’s premises. The inaugural ceremony was graced by Professor Jamal Ahmed (Faculty of Fine Art), along with special guests Professor Anisuzzaman (Graphics department), Asif Uddin Ahmed and Tawhida Shiropa, acting

Rafiqun Nabi touches a different reality

Celebrated artist Rafiqun Nabi with his ongoing solo exhibition has broken a recent trend. While most artists present sufferings of the struggling classes, the romantic artist defines and narrates merrymaking and joy. That does not mean Nabi has created anything minus-reality but viewers can feel the essence of real-life amusement of people that they tend ... Read more

When insignificance becomes significant

The trivial things of a household have been portrayed with great significance in artist Tasadduk Hossain Dulu’s artworks for his solo exhibition at the Bengal Shilpalaya. The exhibition titled ‘The Body and Soul of the Insignificant’ features 53 artworks. Artist Tasadduk Hossain Dulu has successfully created surprises in his artwork through simple

Presenting war of independence in lens

Visual documentation of an extraordinary time and of the people who fought to give birth to a new nation is on display by Abdul Hamid Raihan’s ongoing solo exhibition at Dhaka Art Centre. The freelance photographer from Kushtia district displays 40 historic photographs taken by him during the war of independence in 1971. Raihan’s stills ... Read more

Watercolours and Sculptures

Hamiduzzaman Khan’s Solo Exhibition Watercolours and Sculptures Hamiduzzaman Khan is a well-known sculptor. He is recognised for his metal-based works, where he mainly focused on forms and geometrical shapes. He is also adept in watercolour and painting. His latest solo exhibition, titled “Watercolours and Sculptures”, is now on at Galleri Kaya in Uttara. Khan is ... Read more

A Touch Of Ecstasy

Syed Abdullah Khalid’s solo exhibition Syed Abdullah Khalid is regarded as one of the most brilliant sculptors of our country. He is mainly recognised for his ‘Aparajeyo Bangla’, one of the most familiar sculptures, and considered a landmark, in Dhaka. A multi-talented artist, Khalid has not only excelled in sculpture but also made an impression ... Read more