Thursday, February 22, 2024

Subir Nandi passes busy Eid schedule

The music lovers of the country got the opportunity to enjoy celebrated singer Subir Nandi’s evergreen songs on Eid’s special musical programmes aired on different channels on Eid days. The acclaimed singer presented hi popular numbers including Amr e duti chokh pathor to noy, Hajar moner kachhey proshno rekhey, Ami brister kachh theke kandtey shikhechhi

Puja in the air

Puja days are here again. A time to look back on what the festival meant in days gone by and how it’s celebrated now. Pijush Bandyopadhyay After a year, Sharodiyo Durga Puja is back again. My heartiest well wishes to all. During our childhood we’d wait eagerly for the Puja festivities to begin. Buying new ... Read more

Music heals the wounds of soul: Subir Nandi

Eminent singer Subir Nandi has won the hearts of millions of fans across the county for presenting innumerable timeless songs since early seventies in all media including radio, cinema, TV and audio industry. Din jai kotha thake, Bondhu hote cheye tomar, Tumi emon-e, Hazar moner kachhe proshno rekhe, Koto je tomake beshechhi bhalo and many ... Read more

Fahmida Nabi and Subir Nandi to release their first duet album

Seasoned artistes Subir Nandi and Fahmida Nabi are releasing a duet album for the first time. Fahmida sang a duet “Ami Kantar Bhuboney” with Subir for a feature film, “Ferari Bashanta”, 28 years ago. Although Fahmida had occasionally performed with Subir, this is the first time they are working on a duet album. Eight songs ... Read more