Saturday, April 13, 2024

Sumaiya Shimu ties the knot!

Popular TV actress Sumaiya Shimu has just tied the knot, to Nazrul Islam. Nazrul is currently the country director for the international NGO Relief International. Their wedding ceremony was held today (August 28) at the Hotel Amari in the capital. According to Shimu, the marriage was arranged by her family, and the engagement had taken ... Read more

Sumaiya Shimu is on the go

Actor Sumaiya Shimu is constantly on the go, shooting for many Eid special TV plays. Currently, she is based in Kishoreganj for a single episode play titled “Fantasy Opera”, directed by Mahmud Didar. Shatabdi Wadud stars opposite her. “The story of ‘Fantasy Opera’ is quite interesting. Spectators will be thoroughly entertained by the play during ... Read more

Sumaiya Shimu to Cheer Tigers on the Field

When the ICC Cricket World Cup comes knocking at your doorstep, it’s hard to resist the urge to go to the stadium. But the challenge of getting hands on a ticket means that only few will have smiles across their faces when the matches begin. One of those lucky few is popular TV actress Sumaiya ... Read more