Monday, December 11, 2023

Disney develops 3D-printed lighting for toys

Disney is exploring the use of 3D printers to build new kinds of light features into objects. The firm’s researchers are working on a range of techniques including “light pipes” and tubes of enclosed air that can be made to glow in controlled ways. They say that 3D printers can create objects with “micron accuracy” ... Read more

Samsung rolls out new handset

Samsung has launched its latest entry-level smartphone Samsung Star 3 Duos in the market, says a press release. The Star 3 comes in stylish and sleek design and has almost all the features of a high-end smartphone. Its 3.0” full touch display is big enough for crystal clear display of images, videos and

Brac boys take PC games to new height

A team of three students from Brac University has developed a massively multi-player online (MMO) game for PCs that can be played by body movements and voice command. They claim that this is the first ever such MMO PC game in the world. MMO is an internet multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting ... Read more

Supercomputer may predict upheavals

Feeding a supercomputer with news stories could help predict major world events, according to US research. A study, based on millions of articles, charted deteriorating national sentiment ahead of the recent revolutions in Libya and Egypt. While the analysis was carried out retrospectively, scientists say the same processes could be used to anticipate upcoming

What is next breakthrough in technology?

Before I dwell on the subject- latest developments in technology- I wish to touch upon a few scientific truths to guide the readers to better appreciate my points of view. Progress of science happens exponentially, not linearly, meaning that exponential curve starts slowly and then skyrockets towards infinity. Accumulation of knowledge is like an inverted ... Read more

Local e-payment solutions frustrate tech-enthusiasts

Technology enthusiasts expressed disappointment over the absence of a true electronic payment mechanism in the country and expressed skepticism over reaching the lofty target of billion dollar outsourcing business by 2015. They expressed their concern while visiting SoftExpo 2011 Friday, watching some