Thursday, June 13, 2024

Catching up with Zahid Hasan

Special plays set to air during the upcoming Eid-ul-Adha are keeping most actors and directors on their toes these days. Popular actor and director Zahid Hasan is no exception. He has already completed directing a tele-film and a play for Eid, also acting in both the productions. The tele-film “Chithhi” will feature Hasan opposite Romana, ... Read more

Zahid Hasan presents social comedies in Eid

Renowned actor-director Zahid Hasan will perform in diverse characters in several plays to be aired on different TV channels during the Eid special programmes. He has acted and directed an eight-episode drama serial titled ‘Shubho Bibaho’ and a single-episode play titled ‘Sorry, Ektu Deri Hoye Galo’ targeting the Eid festival. And the fifth sequel

Behind the scenes

Shooting of Second Hand Hasna Hena in Pubail where the drama “Second Hand” is being shot is teeming with its cast and crew. As one enters the set, one comes across actor-director Zahid Hasan busy putting on his makeup. Hasan asks cinematographer Anwar Hossain Bulu if his attire is suitable for the scene. On Bulu’s ... Read more

An unrecognisable Zahid Hasan

Any Bangladeshi who watches TV knows actor Zahid Hasan, but on September 9 the actor was seemingly unrecognisable. Hasan, in bright orange panjabi and white lungi, was shooting for a play “Benefit of Doubt”. Though he was surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd or onlookers, apart from the director and the crew no one seemed to ... Read more

Zahid in Arman Bhai Birat Tensione

Arman Bhai Birat Tenshione, a sequel to Arman Bhai, is being made for TV channel Banglavision. Till date, Banglavision has telecast Arman Bhai Koiya Parchhe, Arman Bhai Faishya Gyachhe, Arman Bhaier Godi Shait and Arman Bhai Birat Tensione—the sequels to Arman Bhai which has been written and directed by Sagor Jahan. In this telefilm, the ... Read more