Impact of climate change: 14.8 million people at danger of starvation by 2030

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According to the Global Food Policy Report-2022, 14.8 million people would be at danger of becoming hungry by 2030 as a result of climate change. The analysis, created by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) says, 11.3 million people would go hungry in 2030 if climate change had no effect.

Over 750 million people in South Asia are reportedly affected by floods, droughts, and other climatic hazards brought on by climate change, according to a report that was released on Wednesday for Bangladesh at a hotel in Dhaka.

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Climate Change : National adaptation plan in offing

Bangladesh in a draft National Adaptation Plan has proposed TK 7,306 billion investment in 15 climate programmes till 2050.
The programmes included nature-based and eco-engineering interventions, agricultural investment, water sector and marine resource management in short, medium and long

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Bangladesh loses 7b working hours yearly for global warming: Study

As heat and humidity levels rise throughout the day because of climate change, Bangladesh is losing around 7 billion working hours annually due to extreme heat exposure, a new study reveals.
If the global temperature increases by 1 degree Celsius, the country could lose approximately 21 billion working hours, said the study, conducted by researchers at Duke University in

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A ray of hopes, finally

After a week of grim news, at least some light shone yesterday when a new window of fund termed Loss and Damage has been finalised. Under the window, countries affected by quick and long-term climate change will be able to access funds.
The window was proposed at the last climate conference at Cancun and its modalities

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Bangladesh worst-hit in last 2 decades

Bangladesh is a country most affected by extreme weather events in the last two decades, reveals the Global Climate Risk Index (CRI), 2012.
For the period 1991-2010, Bangladesh was followed by Myanmar and Honduras, the report said.
However, Bangladesh is not on the list of the 10 worst affected countries in

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All eyes on rich nations

Climate-hit countries count on their promises as Durban meet gets underway
As the stories emerging from Africa to Americas, Asia to Australia tell the same grave situation of ever increasing drought, floods, storms and hot spells, a Climate Change Conference began here yesterday with hopes that the rich nations will keep their commitments to extend helps to the poor and that they would themselves pledge to reduce carbon emission.
As negotiations will roll on for the next two weeks, the key focus will be on breathing a new life to Kyoto Protocol, the only legally

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