Monday, February 26, 2024

Chittagong sitting on a seismic zone: Expert

Chittagong and its adjoining areas are highly vulnerable to earthquakes. Dr Mohammed Jahangir Alam, vice-chancellor (VC) of Chittagong University of Science and Technology (CUET) and city planner, said: “Most of the buildings in the port city lack quake-proof measures and no other precautionary arrangements to face any such natural disasters”. “As a result,

Speakers underscore strategy, coordination to face disaster

Speakers at a workshop on Tuesday underscored the need for preparedness and coordination to face any kind of natural or manmade disaster. The workshop titled “Multinational Planning Augmentation Team Tempest Express 22 (MPAT TE-22) Shetubandhan or Bridging the Ties of Friendship” focused on the subject of earthquake. US ambassador Dan W Mozena inaugurated

Bangladesh worst-hit in last 2 decades

Bangladesh is a country most affected by extreme weather events in the last two decades, reveals the Global Climate Risk Index (CRI), 2012. For the period 1991-2010, Bangladesh was followed by Myanmar and Honduras, the report said. However, Bangladesh is not on the list of the 10 worst affected countries in

Halda carp spawning ground under threat

The river Halda, the only natural carp breeding ground in the world and major source of major carps like Rui, Katla and Mrigel, is facing a threat to its existence. Man-made problems and natural disasters brought the spawning ground to this position of decline. Interference from man include cutting bends in the river to slow ... Read more