Sunday, April 14, 2024

Sewage goes straight into Buriganga

Wasa disowns 70pc of total sewage in Dhaka A year after the High Court directed Dhaka Wasa to seal off sewage outlets into the Buriganga, Wasa says 70 percent of the capital’s sewage is illegally dumped into the Buriganga. Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (Wasa) said it had no sewage lines of its own ... Read more

Buriganga in peril

Faulty demarcation flouting HC order creates scope for grabbing the river’s foreshore The government itself now seems poised to make the Buriganga a leaner stream by squeezing its shorelines in violation of a High Court order. Earlier, in April last year, the Turag river suffered a similar fate as Gazipur district administration demarcated it by ... Read more

Buriganga second channel at stake

Unabated encroachment, waste dumping leave it in a near-death condition The second channel of the Buriganga, which flows through the southwestern part of the capital, is almost dead due to wholesale encroachment by public and private organisations and also dumping of waste. Also known as Buriganga Morarkhari, the channel was originally around six kilometres long. ... Read more

Buriganga freed of 6 grabbers

Inland waterways and district administration authorities stopped earth-filling and removed boundary walls built by some encroachers on the river Buriganga at the city’s Mohammadpur yesterday. Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) along with Dhaka district administration conducted the drive along around 700 metre embankment of the river in Ramchandrapur mouja as