Monday, December 11, 2023

Rivers officially made thinner

Faulty demarcation encourages encroachers; ministerial recommendations for pillar relocation ignored The rivers of Dhaka are destined to remain narrow as the shipping ministry has expressed its inability to fully rectify the faulty demarcation of the streams despite a High Court order and subsequent ministerial decision. An extensive visit revealed that relevant district administrations and officials ... Read more

Students take part in Buriganga clean-up campaign

Around 200 students of different private universities have taken an initiative to set a good example about how to keep the capital’s water bodies clean. They spent around three hours on Friday cleaning the Buriganga river near Buriganga Second Bridge in Keraniganj with fishing nets from boats. Though the volunteering students could collect a very ... Read more

Sewage goes straight into Buriganga

Wasa disowns 70pc of total sewage in Dhaka A year after the High Court directed Dhaka Wasa to seal off sewage outlets into the Buriganga, Wasa says 70 percent of the capital’s sewage is illegally dumped into the Buriganga. Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (Wasa) said it had no sewage lines of its own ... Read more

Action against offending house owners ordered

Sewerage disposal into drains Action against offending house owners ordered The government on Wednesday asked the authorities concerned to take action against the house owners who dispose of their sewerage into the storm sewers, ultimately polluting the rivers around the capital. The task force responsible for ensuring the navigability and natural flow of the

Buriganga in peril

Faulty demarcation flouting HC order creates scope for grabbing the river’s foreshore The government itself now seems poised to make the Buriganga a leaner stream by squeezing its shorelines in violation of a High Court order. Earlier, in April last year, the Turag river suffered a similar fate as Gazipur district administration demarcated it by ... Read more

Pollution of rivers around Dhaka

Increasing threats to life Mohammad Tareq Hasan With a population of over 15 million Dhaka is one of the most congested cities of the world. This rapidly growing city is located on the northern bank of the river Buriganga and surrounded by other rivers, namely, the Turag to the west, the Tongi Khal to the ... Read more

Buriganga freed of 6 grabbers

Inland waterways and district administration authorities stopped earth-filling and removed boundary walls built by some encroachers on the river Buriganga at the city’s Mohammadpur yesterday. Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) along with Dhaka district administration conducted the drive along around 700 metre embankment of the river in Ramchandrapur mouja as

Result close to ZERO

Court Directives, Govt Warnings, Public Outcry Result close to ZERO Pinaki Roy Encroachment and pollution of the Buriganga, Shitalakhya, Turag and Balu rivers in and around the capital continue despite the government’s pledges to put an end to those. In response to a campaign by the media, the government in June 2009 pledged to restore ... Read more

Maiden arrests over Buriganga grabbing

3 fined, sued by DoE The Department of Environment (DoE) in a special drive yesterday realised Tk 3.21 lakh in fines from three river grabbers, filed cases and arrested two of them for filling up the Buriganga at three points. This was the first time river grabbers were arrested. The arrestees are Haji Mahbubur Rahman ... Read more