Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Non-stop river pollution threatens water security

World Environment Day Non-stop river pollution threatens water security Laws, rules, HC directives go in vain Rashad Ahamad No pragmatic step is yet to be taken to protect the four rivers surrounding Dhaka even after declaring them ecologically critical 13 years ago. In September 2009, the Department of Environment declared the four rivers Ecologically Critical ... Read more

WASA plans walkways to save Dhaka canals

To protect reclaimed canals from further encroachment, the Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) has taken an initiative to build walkways around the canals, to demarcate them permanently. The ministry of finance has already allocated Tk. 8 crore for this purpose, DWASA managing director Taqsim A Khan told reporters, at a press briefing in ... Read more

Water crisis turns worse

Dhaka Wasa says sudden rise in demand in Ramadan leads to shortage Acute water shortage has gripped many parts of the capital despite promises of smooth water supply from the authority during Ramadan. Residents from several areas have complained that there has been barely any water in their taps for the last few days

Consumers subjected to ‘serious health risks’

Millions of residents in Old Town of Dhaka are exposed to serious health risks such as cancer through the water supplied to them by the Water Supply and Sewerage Authority, according to experts. The water used by many living in Old Town comes from the River Buriganga and is treated at the Chandnighat Water Treatment ... Read more